Dinner lady sacked after muslim ASKS for gammon

Dinner lady sacked for giving muslim child gammon that he ASKED for.

Dinner lady sacked for giving muslim child gammon that he ASKED for.

This is Alison Waldock, a dinner lady at Queen Edith Primary School in Cambridge. She was sacked from the job she loved and had had for 11 years without any problems, for serving a muslim child Gammon.

The child had ASKED for the Gammon!

It is reported that Alison wants to “clear her name”. CLEAR HER NAME! Of what? Serving a child with the dinner that she had requested?
One would think that this poor woman had abused a child.

It has recently emerged that the parents of the child involved in the sacking are to emigrate to a Muslim country.
Alison Waldock, 51, was accused of gross misconduct and says she lost her job after Zahid and Rumana Darr asked that she be dismissed.
After destroying the life of this innocent British woman, Mr and Mrs Darr and their three children are emigrating to the United Arab Emirates later this month. The family have chosen to move from their home in Cambridge to Sharjah, where alcohol is banned and there are the strictest decency laws in the emirates.
Mrs Darr, 33, wrote on her Facebook page: ‘So we’re leaving the country end of August for good … We’re moving to Sharjah. We want to go relax in a nice hot Muslim country where the kids know their identities as Muslims.’ 
The move comes after Mr Darr’s recruitment firm was closed down in June when he was found to be working as a company director illegally.
Following an investigation by the Insolvency Service, he was banned from holding company directorships after he was caught pocketing over £500,000 owed in tax in 2008.
His firm Interecruit (UK) went into liquidation after Mr Darr, 36, ‘diverted’ money owed to the taxman in VAT, income tax and national insurance to another of his companies.
The nine-year ban was imposed in February 2011 but in May this year he was found to be operating a similar company named Interecruit (GB), which supplied foreign agricultural workers.

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