This woman is Proffesional Negress Doreen Lawrence.

Professional Negro Doreen Lawrence

Professional Negro Doreen Lawrence. 

This woman is Doreen Lawrence.

I’m not sure if you may have heard of her son, Stephen Lawrence (if you haven’t then you must have been locked in a dungeon for the past 20 years).

Her 18-year-old son Stephen was stabbed to death after being set upon by a gang of white youths in south London in 1993.

60 year old Doreen Lawrence is to be given a seat in the House of Lords, 20 years after the murder of her son Stephen in a so called “racist” attack.

In 2004, Kriss Donald, a 15 year old Scottish lad was abducted by a gang of Pakistani’s and tortured to death in the most horrific way imaginable, because he was white, yet hardly anybody has heard his name.
The case, which featured the first ever conviction for racially motivated murder in Scotland, is cited as an example of the lack of attention the media and society give to white sufferers of racist attacks compared to that given to ethnic minorities, with organisations such as the BBC later admitting failing to cover the case sufficiently. But nothing has changed.

Nobody knows about the Kriss Donald case, but every single person in Britain has heard the name STEPHEN LAWRENCE over and over again.

For 20 years Stephen Lawrence’s mother Doreen has made a career out of the death of her son, a small time drug dealer and now she is set to become a Baroness!
She was nominated by the Jewish, Marxist Labour party leader Ed Miliband to give her a voice in Parliament, a voice to a woman who is notoriously Anti-White, and buried her black supremacist son in Jamaica!

She is believed to have been “persuaded” to accept a seat in the Lords by Labour’s shadow justice secretary Pakistani Sadiq Khan.

It is understood that she will sit on the Labour benches as a working peer.

What about the mother of poor Kriss Donald? Where is her Peerage? Oh yes I forgot, Mrs Donalds son was only WHITE.

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