Dog the Bounty Hunter claims he is set to hunt down Snowden?



This bizarre story has been reported in the Houston Cronicle.

Dog The Bounty Hunter to Hunt Down “Traitor” Eric Snowden for a reported 1 Billion pound reward.

Famed bounty hunter Duane “Dog The Bounty Hunter” Chapman has reserved tickets to Kazakhstan, from where he plans to illegally cross the Russian border in attempts to track down and capture NSA whistleblower Eric Snowden.

Reporters quote a visibly frustrated Chapman as saying, “Sometimes you gotta bend the rules to save America, and if I can catch this traitor Snowden and bring him back to God’s side, then it’ll be worth the risk of a lifetime of hard labor in a Siberian gulag.”

Details of Dog’s impromptu trip to Russia are being kept under wraps, though reveals Chapman’s wife, Big Beth, also plans to make the trip and is writing farewell letters to her family, in case she is captured by Russian police.

Government officials in the Obama administration have not responded to queries about the veracity of the story or the award being offered, but several Washington insiders reveal the United States is offering a bounty of one billion dollars to whoever can bring Snowden back to America for justice.

The size of the bounty purse is likely large due to the dangerous nature of the mission, as political analysts theorize Snowden is under the protective custody of elite KGB operatives.

Amid stories of Dog’s departure from the Western Hemisphere, today thousands of Mexican druglords have applied for asylum in the US, likely believing Dog will be captured in Russia and unable to return to America to catch them and deliver them to the hands of Mexican prisons.

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