Greece and Turkey on the brink of war!



With the rise of Golden Dawn, and the revival of the Greek National Front, many informed Europeans that are concerned with the future of our people have been looking very closely at Greece, as the survival of our race may well depend on them. If any European nation is set to free themselves from Zionist rule, it will be the Greeks.

A situation has arisen that has re-sparked the historic tensions between Greece and their Arab neighbors Turkey (who have bizarrely been allowed to join the E.U.).

The situation centres around natural resources in the Aegean Sea, which is a disputed water between Greece and Turkey. 
Also, to add to this, Former Turkish-Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat on Wednesday did not rule out the prospect of a new Turkish military invasion of Cyprus triggered by the discovery of hydrocarbon reserves on the island.

The Greek island of Chios, appears to feature largely in a current “cold war” of sorts.
A 72-year-old German man has been arrested on the island for spying on behalf of Turkey. The man told police that he had photographed barracks and other military-related buildings on the island of Chios for five people he believed were Turkish nationals who paid him up to €1,500 for each assignment.

Police said they had found in the man’s possession cameras, laptops, maps and glasses with an embedded hidden camera, and an email he had sent last week to an unidentified recipient with details on Greek warships and army vehicles on Chios. He had been living on the Island for 4 years, and has been proven to have been spying for Turkey for at least 3.

Also on Chios, which lies 7 kilometres off the Turkish coast (as seen on this map), six suspects were apprehended July 30th while transporting an arms shipment on a speedboat headed for Turkey. The craft was intercepted off the Greek island of Chios, 7 kilometres off the Turkish coast. The boat was carrying anti-tank weapons, handguns, bullets, hand grenades and improvised explosive devices. Two were arrested on the island. Another two were detained in Athens but were only charged with using fake identity papers, including a passport stolen from the French military attaché.

Three of the suspects are wanted by Turkey for their alleged participation in the outlawed leftist Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front that claimed responsibility for a suicide bomb attack on the US Embassy in Ankara in February.

Turkey Interior Minister Muammer Güler said one of the three Turkish men was Hasan Biber, who is accused of being involved in two attacks in Ankara in March, according to state run Anatolia news agency. Greek counter-terrorism police detained nine people for questioning in connection with the case: six Turks, a Bulgarian, a Belgian and a German.
Despite the efforts of Greek police, Turkey, and their state controlled media, have been accusing Greece of harboring and training terrorists for attacks against Turkey. Greece denies this claiming that the Turks are trying to influence the international community, and using this to garnish support, which does tie in with the recently discovered Turkish spying operations on Chios.

It would appear that Turkey, are trying to gain western support, as a prelude to invading Greek territory, in order to steal their natural resources, something that the Zionist rulers of the west have had on the agenda for some time. 
Something that we know that the Jewish masters of Europe and America have a record for doing, is starting wars in countries that have rich reserves of Gas and/or oil.
We have seen this many times recently in countries such as Iraq and Libya, and now it appears that they may be attempting the same against a European country. Greece.
They have already been financially strangling the Greek people, engineering the economic collapse in order to force them to accept “bail outs” from the E.U., a clear attempt to “buy” Greece, a typical Jewish trick, but played out on a massive scale. This has resulted in a massive rise of nationalism in the country, is this latest situation, another tactic employed by the Zionists to take hold of Greece, and steal natural resources from the Greek people?

A very interesting footnote to this is that a Greek Orthodox monk, hailed as a prophet who is said to be visited by angels, has predicted this, and also predicted that a devastating war between Greece and Turkey, will lead to world war 3.

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