Live The Dream



A White Nationalist group in Britain are promoting a strategy for the survival of future generations of whites in Britain.

The stratergy is to follow the examples set by the people of Orania in South Africa, and the town of Jamel in Germany, where white nationalists descended on the town and soon took over, buying up the houses and electing suitable councilors.

From their site:

“In June 2013, a small white booklet was published entitled “LIVE THE DREAM – A CALL FOR RACIAL REBIRTH & WHITE RESURGENCE.” Contained within its 32 A6 pages is the strategy and blueprint to create a self-sustaining legacy for future White generations.

Now, just two months later, hundreds of the little booklets have been distributed free of charge and a galaxy of pdf’s have been sent into cyberspace landing in far flung corners of the White world.

This blog has been created to promote, propagate and develop upon the concept and strategy of the Live The Dream philosophy and continue its growth and positive influence.” 

The booklet they distributed can be sfound on their site. Here is the forward, followed by a link to the site, where the booklet can be read:


Dear White Racial Kinsfolk – I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this booklet. I understand that time is very precious to you because you have spent so much of it fighting for your race and nation, and have achieved very little in return. Together we have poured years of effort and sacrifice into trying to reverse the apathy and ignorance, but sadly the Fourteen Words are still out of grasp and as a result our movement suffers from atrophy and is wasting away through lack of nourishment.
This slim booklet offers the reader the building blocks to a better life. It has been written from a British perspective however, wherever and whatever country the white man finds himself lost and confused it is hoped the words within will bestow on him a compass of direction.”

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