National Front confront Communists on the streets of Manchester

Recently, the National Front (joined by a representative from Greeks’ Golden Dawn) descended on Manchester city centre, in the North West of England and challenged a group of Far Left, Marxist activists from the Socialist Worker Party, who’s manifesto includes abolishing all national borders, and lowering the age of sexual consent (which explains why paedophiles are attracted to the SWP).

The woman in the video is an SWP activist, she can be seen aggressively snatching leaflets and trying to wrestle flags and banners from the patriots, and getting in their faces and attempting to spit at one, knowing that they are men, and they wont retaliate.
However, to her obvious shock, a passer by, an unknown local Manchester woman sees her behavior and upon being disgusted by her treatment of patriots, challenges her, throws the contents of a canned drink over her, and then appears to physically hit her.

It is interesting to see the difference in the Communist’s behavior when confronted by a woman, who WILL fight back.

It is also heartening to see that people will step in when they see this type of thing, and defend those that are fighting for the European people, when they are in sensitive situations such as this.

And from what we are told, the presence of the Golden Dawn representative shows that bridges are being built, and alliances created, bringing together the groups fighting for the white European people, which will surely make them stronger.

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