Negative Steriotypes Saves Lives


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I’m rather lucky. Not only did I grow up in an era when certain kinds of stereotypes abounded, but I also grew up in an environment devoid of the kind of Christian nonsense that suggests that all people are basically angels with a few rough edges. Furthermore, I lack the kind of inherently naïve egoism that makes me think I can “save” or “redeem” essentially evil or savage people by performing a few token good works.

At an early age, I was inoculated against much of the poison of the world by having small amounts of it dropped into my system in the form of certain generalized concepts that would be described nowadays as “IST” (i.e. racist, sexist, ageist, classist, occupationist, etc.).

I freely admit that all generalizations, once applied on the specific level, are usually wrong. This is because individual cases are seldom an exact match with your preconceptions. But the preceding sentence is itself a generalization, which means that in many specific cases generalizing preconceptions are correct or near enough to be of use. Also, I am quite capable of making specific exceptions when enough detailed individual information is available. However, in the absence of this, I prefer to stick to my stereotypes, like any sensible person.

Nowadays, young people are denied the privileges I was allowed in my youth. In the much more thought-controlled society of today, it is an uphill struggle to acquire the range of useful prejudices that saved me from many an awkward and dangerous situation. Instead they are forced to acquire a range of prejudices that are actually harmful. Interestingly enough, most of these are also actually racist, sexist, ageist, classist, and even homophobic, but in ways completely different from the prejudices of yesteryear. For example, the notion that all men who indulge in homosexual sex want to openly identify as ‘gay’ and then marry, settle down, and adopt kids is clearly as problematic as old stereotypes of homosexuals as limp-wristed queens or secretly pedophiliac scoutmasters.

But the worst problems are caused by the new, positive, politically correct stereotypes, in which formerly dangerous groups have been rebranded as safe, cool, and fashionable. Everyday seems to bring a new story of some young naïve person, usually girls, raped, killed, or mutilated because the useful prejudices of the past have been replaced by the harmful ones of the present.

A couple of recent stories forced this reflection on me, namely the recent guilty verdict in the case of the murder of Autumn Pasquale, a 12-year-old White girl, who disappeared in Camden, New Jersey, last fall while out riding her bike. She was apparently lured to the home of a 16-year-old Black youth to “possibly trade bike parts.” He then proceeded to strangle her and dump her body in a recycling bin. Another story was the developing case of an acid attack on two young British ladies doing voluntary teaching work on the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar. This was apparently motivated by moderate Islamic motives of maintaining female modesty during Ramadan.

In both these cases we see young, vulnerable females who have been brainwashed into thinking (a) that gender equality applies on the physical plane and that they do not require the presence of males to protect them and (b) that Blacks or Muslims are friendly and welcoming to Whites and non-Muslims. Ideas to the contrary are simply stigmatized as racist in today’s society.

In many cases the prejudiced ideas and positive stereotypes implanted in the heads of these young females would be proved correct. Perhaps young Autumn in her naïve, tomboyish way had already visited the bedrooms of other Black teenagers to exchange bicycle parts or other hobby items; and perhaps the two young British ladies had already met plenty of friendly Tanzanian Muslims, who had no problems with their sartorial choices. But the key point about old-fashioned prejudices and negative stereotypes is that they only need to be right once to be of immense service.

When driving, in order to anticipate danger, it is always best to assume that everybody else on the road is a complete and utter moron, but our society no longer allows young vulnerable girls to make similar wide-ranging useful assumptions when they contravene the sacred tenets of political correctness. Instead, they are forced by our society to think themselves safe as they blinkeredly approach their rape, death, or mutilation. 

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