Pupils withdrawn from trip to Edinburgh mosque by sensible parents



A RACE row has broken out after almost a third of the children due to take part in a school field trip to a city mosque were pulled out by their parents, the decent, moral and un-cowardly ones. The ones with a brain in their head.


Children from Newtongrange Primary visited the Central Mosque in Potterrow, but from an original group of 90 pupils, 28 were withdrawn.

The trip had been organised to help brainwash the primary one, two and five pupils about other religions and cultures. As per the national curriculum, the British government insists upon instilling cultural Marxist principles in our children, and indoctrination into accepting multiculturism, is the main agenda, and far more important than education in todays schools.

But one brave parent said they didn’t want their child “mixed up in the hate being preached in mosques”.

The incident comes amid heightened tensions in the wake of the killing of soldier Lee Rigby in London, and David Cameron’s pledge to “drain the swamp” of extremism.

Religious leaders and treacherous sell out Midlothian councillors condemned parents pulling their children out the trip, but one 42-year-old parent of a P2 pupil, who did not take part, said: “I don’t agree with sending my child to a mosque to learn about a religion that isn’t my own. It’s the hate that is being preached in these mosques that I don’t want my child mixed up in.”

Another said: “If you don’t want your kids learning that kind of stuff, then you should be allowed to say ‘no’. Many of my friends are a different religion to me, but they don’t try to ram it down my throat.”

It is not known whether girls who attended the mosque were asked to wear headscarves or long leggings. For those who didn’t attend, the school laid on an alternative lesson on Islam, determined to force their indoctrination programme on them one way or another. This involves lying through the teeth to our children, telling them that Islam is a “peacefull religion”, The notion that Islam is a peacefull religion would be laughable, if it were not for the dangers that this lie poses to our children, who are being raped by muslims, due to their ingnorance abour the dangers, due to the lies of schools and mainstream media.

One parent, whose five-year-old was also withdrawn, said her decision had been influenced by recent events.

The 27-year-old mum-of-three said: “The timing was wrong with people protesting and guys getting killed in the street. If things were a bit calmer I’d have sent him along.

“I received the letter about this a few weeks ago and had no problem, but at the end of last week other parents began asking whether it was safe.”

There was a protest by right wing activists outside the Scottish Parliament last week, but there have been none outside the Central Mosque.

But Dr Salah Beltagui, of the Muslim Council of Scotland, said education would help eradicate a “fear of the unknown”. In other words, it will ensure that our kids are tricked into a false sense of security and be easier prey for muslim peadophiles, and allow Asians and other ethnic invaders more time to out numbers us whites, before completely dominating us once we are a minority.

He said: “These views are rather worrying as they are not based on fact but on fear of the unknown. They are an offshoot of the current hysteria surrounding Islam at the moment in the UK. What happened in Woolwich is in no way representative of Islam, we do not condone violence and we are part of this country too.” So therefore, he would have us believe that it is yet another so-called “isolated incident”.

Newtongrange councillor Jim Muirhead said: “Unfortunately people equate recent incidents in Woolwich with religion when in my view such incidents are as far from 
religion as you can get.” Of course Mr Muirhead is right, but then Islam is more of a murderous cult of domination than a religion.

However, Kenny MacDonald, Scottish regional organiser of the BNP, backed the parents. He said: “I applaud these parents in going against the wave of political correctness.”

A spokeswoman for Midlothian Council said: “Some parents chose not to send their children but an alternative lesson on Islam in class was offered to these pupils. We will continue to respect the views of parents.” Lies of course, as the children were still subjected to brainwashing in the school, rather than the mosque.

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4 Responses to Pupils withdrawn from trip to Edinburgh mosque by sensible parents

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  2. Iin Wibisono says:

    This article is so racist.You hate the Jews supremacy but you also beginning to become like one. Who bomb Hiroshima, and who started WW2.Are those Muslims?

  3. It was Winston Churchill, on the orders of the Jews that started World War 2, and those same people who created the bomb, and murderously dropped it on the innocent people of Hiroshima (and Nagasaki). No, Muslims didnt do that, but they HAVE commited many atrocities throughout the world and continue to do so. There is an article on this blog about Winston Churchill and why he started World War 2.

  4. Please tell me exactly what is “racist” in this article please?

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