The people of Britain have shown support for young Steven, the 17 year old young man who was recently framed by Greater Manchester Police, and convicted by the corrupt far left Crown Prosecution Service, who colluded with the police to wrongfully convict. We revealed the details of the case in a recent article.
In a new video, members of the British public, and members of various British patriotic and Nationalist groups appear, posing with signs reading “Soldier killers off our streets”, whilst mostly wearing hoodies (in a mock of the “We are all Trayvon” liberal loons photos) and spectacles, as Stephen was wearing a hoody and spectacles when wrongfully arrested.

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2 Responses to WE ARE ALL STEPHEN!

  1. Vee Markwell says:

    when they called our troops killers shouldn’t they have been arrested for the same thing
    racially aggravated section 4 with a load more witnessess than stephen

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