Lancaster UAF man jailed for raping four-year-old girl



A 21-year-old man from Lancashire who is a secretary in the Communist – Anarchist group, Unite Against Facism organization has been jailed indefinitely after he admitted raping a four-year-old girl.

Police said Liam Ineson, of Ryelands Road, Lancaster, attacked the child between January and July this year.

He pleaded guilty to rape and sexual activity with a child when he appeared at Preston Crown Court.

Speaking after sentencing, Det Sgt Simon Coates said: “Ineson preyed on a young girl and then tried to make her keep the abuse a secret.”

He added: “He is a dangerous individual and the indeterminate sentence means he should not be released from prison until experts are satisfied that he no longer poses a threat to our community.”

Ineson’s indeterminate sentence will not be reviewed for at least five years.

This is no surprise, as the UAF have many paedophile members, and also fight for paedophiles rights. What is shocking however, is that many British M.P.’s and councilors sponsor the UAF including Britains Jewish Prime Minister David Cameron. Many more M.P.s and councillors suport and fund the UAF, mostly from the Labour Party, such as extreme Anti-White fat negress Dianne Abbot, who wants to white out the white population from Britain.

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22 Responses to Lancaster UAF man jailed for raping four-year-old girl

  1. Tony Vickers says:

    Why do the UAF support pedophiles. ….Answer is in the above story explains all about the mindset of the UAF.

  2. Reblogged this on Women Against Grooming and commented:

  3. Evil bastard should hang. Of course this won’t make the front page of the national newspapers!

  4. Frederick D Boaz says:

    This animal may not be allowed for mercy appeal! i.e. No Mercy, No Appeal, No Release from the prison up to his blue days.

  5. David Vrotney says:

    Why not kill him immediately?

  6. Alan Jenkins says:

    Let’s hope the prison guards “Forget” to lock his cell door when they go for a coffee break…

  7. Margaret Clare Stoll says:

    How do you know that the Prime Minister is Jewish? Aren’t you mixing him up with the Leader of the Opposition, who IS Jewish? I’ve never heard that David Cameron is. Please get facts right. I agree with you about Diane Abbott – yes, she’s fat and yes she’s black, and also, she’s a most objectionable human being.

  8. Margret, please look through our blog for a recent article regarding the Jewish roots of David Camaron, who, like Milliband, IS a Jew. Thanks.

    • Margaret Clare Stoll says:

      I looked up Cameron’s ancestry as you suggested. I am no fan of the guy, you understand, but this is nonsense. His great-great-grandfather apparently was Jewish. That does not make him Jewish! We have 2 parents, 4 grandparents, 8 great-grandparents and 16 – yes, 16 – great-great-grandparents. So little baby David Cameron had at birth one-sixteenth of Jewish ancestry. The same little David who, referring to his Cameron surname, boasted that he has ‘quite a lot of Scottish blood ‘n these veins’. Now, not even Goebbels would have called someone who had 1/16th Jewish ancestry as a Jew. The Jews wouldn’t accept him anyway, only if his Jewish ancestry came down the female line i.e. if his mother had been Jewish.

  9. dee dee says:

    Im shocked he got got that long seeming as our crap laws let animals like this get off with very little punishment! Watching vids if child torture carries no prison term for some scumbags then they move to hoilday places it infurates me !!!! All these types of animal should have done to them whay they have done to thous poor children n used to test medical research or just hung

  10. sarah brown says:

    He not a jew i am the mother off the young girl an he will haunt my family for rest off our lifes my baby girl has finally got back to normal and speak off him any more he should be dead hope he rots in hell

    • wolfblut88 says:

      We wish your family the best and hope that you can rebuild your lives. Thank you for your post and rest assured that the other prisoners will get him and make his life hell. I hope you can find some comfort in that.

  11. Hope the lags inside kick his effing teeth in!!

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