Why are we being dragged into a war supporting Al Qaeda against Syria, who’s leaders are loved by its people?

The Syrian people are being murdered by terrorists, with guns given to them by Britain and America.
The Syrian children are being raped and murdered by these terrorists.
The Syrian people love their leader Assad, and fully support him.
The “Syrian rebels” are actually Al Qaeda, who our own troops are supposed to be fighting in other countries, who have killed our soldiers and bombed our civilians in our cities.
So why are our governments supplying them with weapons and funding them with OUR tax money,
If the Syrian government is good for their people, and the “rebels” are butchering them (which IS the case), then WHY are the Western governments helping them murder innocent civilians, and why are they planning to bomb Syria like they did in Libya and Iraq etc? What is the REAL reason for this?
Why would OUR governments support the bad guys?

Watch this video and the Syrian woman explains.

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