Texas Dad who beat his daughters child molester to death won’t be charged


A Texas father walked in on his five-year-old daughter being molested and wasted no time in beating the man to death. The grand jury found the dad not guilty due to a state law that allows deadly force to be used to stop an aggravated sexual assault.

The incident occurred June 9th near Shiner, Texas. Someone spotted a farmhand, Jesus Flores carrying the girl into a secluded area and alerted the girl’s father. The concerned parent ran towards his daughters screams and found them both with their underwear off.  He flew into a rage and beat Flores into unconsciousness. When he was sure the man was no longer a threat, he called 911 to report on the incident. ”Come on! This guy is going to die on me! I don’t know what to do.” he yelled.

The event was treated as a homicide but the father did not go to jail and will not be charged with a crime.

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3 Responses to Texas Dad who beat his daughters child molester to death won’t be charged

  1. dave schenning says:

    dad i know this had to be a most shocking vile situation to find some scum of the earth trying to perform some disgusting act of violence against your little angel,i would have done the same maybe worse,i applaud you for taking justice in your own hands and not having to bed,feed,and cloth this creature from hell for years until the courts got done with this trial.no appeals.no temp insanity pleas,no shit.things are taking care of in the most timely manner in the most disgusting of situations. i pray that your daughter and your family can get through this crisis with the support of family and friends as well as the church and the strenght of god.good luck sir and may the lord bless your entire family.

  2. calum entwistle says:

    awsome this should be law hear this man is a real father and its every fathers right to protect his family by any means i would have done the same but on bean sent to prison hear in the uk

  3. Terry says:

    All Child molesters should be given lethal injection in the back of the Police car after being arrested,and taken straight to the incinerator.

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