The dangers of the lax parenting of your children’s peers

As a decent parent, I have always been bewildered when I find that my child’s school friends are allowed to watch MTV, she of course is not. After hearing about it from many of my outraged friends, I decided to watch this video of Miley Cyrus. I wanted to see the extent of perverse degeneracy that my little girl’s friends were being exposed to by their parents. If you watch this video, I am sure that you will be as horrified as I was.
I knew it was bad, but had no idea of the depths that the Jewish producers of MTV have sank in order to corrupt and sexualise our children.
I will state that I firmly believe that any parent who allows their 6 year old girl to watch MTV should be flogged, then forcibly sterilized. Because THEIR degenerate kids will corrupt OUR decent kids!

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