Message to our Muslim followers

This blog, and our facebook page has generated a lot of interest from Muslims, who like our honest exposing of the Zionists, Jews and their greedy Goyim servants. They also appreciate our honest reporting on the Syria crisis, and the fact that we speak up for the people of Syria, and expose the Zionist plot and motives behind this Jewish engineered war.

These new followers of our blog and facebook page have however, become upset at an article speaking out against the brainwashing of our children in schools and the dangers of lying to them about the nature of Islam, instead of warning them about the dangers it poses.

We were also attacked by these new Muslim followers due to us speaking out against the epidemic in Britain of Muslims grooming and raping hundreds of young white girls, they accused us of “lying”. (Please Google “Britain Muslim grooming”, the problem is rife).

Our page is primarily for the benefit of white people, EUROPEAN people, as our name suggests.

We have spoken out against injustices of Muslim people in Syria and Palestine, and exposed the wicked actions of the International Zionist Jews, which the Muslims found fine. As soon as we write about Muslims raping white European children these Muslim followers call us “racist”.

To the Muslim followers of our Blog and facebook page we say this:

We have spoken out against the injustices against your people, DO NOT COMPLAIN WHEN WE SPEAK OUT AGAINST THE INJUSTICES AGAINST OUR OWN.

If you like our material, and appreciate our speaking out for Syria then fine, but please note:

We are the EUROPEAN INDEPENDENT MEDIA CENTRE, we are here for people of European origin.

Thank you.

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One Response to Message to our Muslim followers

  1. steve says:

    to hard to understand, we dont like our girls being raped and tortured…Would they like it?..I just dont get the insensitivity of them. WHY would they not think we would be upset?

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