A word from Britain’s National Front’s newly elected Chairman Kevin Bryan:


After months of uncertainty, Saturday the 31st August paved the way for a new beginning and direction for the National Front.
We held our National Directorate meeting in Derby in a first class conference room.
The meeting was very businesslike and professional.
Regional Organisers from across the UK were joined by the newly elected members of the Directorate.
As acting Chairman I gave a forward and then went onto the Agenda.
Item One saw me elected from Acting Chairman into the position of Party Chairman.
Item Two saw Scotland and Northern Ireland Organiser, Dave MacDonald elected to the position of Deputy Chairman.
Item Four saw London Organiser Tess Culnane and South Wales Organiser Adam Lloyd elected onto the National Executive.
I won’t go through the rest of the agenda in this article.
I couldn’t be more happy with the new appointments – both Dave MacDonald and myself make a great team and we are in daily contact sorting out everyday problems and discussing the way forward for the Party, I am over the moon that Dave is my Deputy and I am certain the two of us will work more closely than I had the chance to do so with my Chairman when I was the Deputy.
I have spent many years in Nationalist politics, my first position was as the Newark-On-Trent Organiser of the BNP.Years later I moved North and took over the position of Rochdale Organiser, which at one stage had over 90 paid up members, whilst at the same time I started up the Rossendale Branch of the BNP and again built the membership up to a good size.
As Nick Griffin progressed with his rot, I decided I could no longer carry on the fight for Race & Nation in the British National Party, I am a racial nationalist and I firmly believe in a policy of repatriation, this is a policy the BNP had abandoned several years earlier, in fact they went into reverse and voted to accept non-white members.
I left the BNP about three and a half years ago and began speaking at National Front meetings and assisting my colleague Chris Jackson in building up the North West Region.Within a few months at a directorate meeting in London I was elected into the position of Deputy Chairman.
After the resignation of Ian Edward I became acting Chairman and so I believed it was a natural progression that I applied for the vacant position of Party Chairman.
I would like to thank the National Directorate for having the confidence in me and electing me into the position.
So now we enter a new Dawn, where now for the National Front?
At the Directorate meeting in my acceptance speech I outlined my plans.
I spoke about how important it was for members to contest elections, I also stressed that we wanted quality and not quantity, this is something we can learn from the mistakes of the BNP as with them it was a case of stand as many candidates as possible, you only have to look back at their record to see what a disaster that policy was, one BNP Councillor that springs to mind is Maureen Stowe, Maureen Stowe was one of many people that decided to stand in Burnley for the BNP, she was also one of many that were elected. Once elected she revealed that Nelson Mandela was one of her heroes, after several months of being a BNP Councillor Maureen went squealing to the press saying how racist BNP members were. The rest is history!
I stressed that it was of utmost importance that members of the Directorate led by example when it comes to election time and stand as candidates, of course I understand that a couple of Directorate members are unable to stand because of their employment.
It is also important that members get involved in local community groups and those that have an interest in the Political side of nationalist Politics attend local Council meetings, again I fully understand that the electoral side is not every members cup of tea, I do however believe that it should be of interest to members of the National Directorate.
As I have recently stated in another article, I don’t just see the National Front as a Political Party, I also see the Front as a movement.
I know I have mentioned the BNP once too many times in this article but when you look at what they have left you see they have an ageing membership; an ageing membership that is only interested in elections and have long since abandoned the streets and any sign of being an active movement.
At the other end of the patriotic spectrum we see the EDL, they would class themselves as a non-political movement, they can at least attract people out on their street demos although their numbers at demos are in decline, members must be sick of all the bravado and being kettled in out of sight of the public at every demo they attend.
There is a void and I believe it is the emergence of a rejuvenated National Front that can fill this void, we can make Nationalism exciting once again, with our flags flying and our banners held high and in full view of the public we can attract the patriotic youth to our movement, many of them we can convert to good and active Politicos.
Back in the 70’s & 80’s the National Front could attract thousands on their marches and demos, I recently watched a You-Tube video where 5000 members & supporters of the National Front marched with pride to their new Head quarters at Great Eastern Street in London, I have over the years watched National Front political marches as well as the old Remembrance Day marches and political rallies.
The National Front were always orderly. It was the Red trash that were out to disrupt and cause trouble. It sickens me to hear people who think they know best refer to bygone days and these large turnouts as the “BAD OLD DAYS”.
The people that attended these events will tell you that although at times it could get scary, they were certainly exciting and marching in columns with a large flag party and a drum corps filled you with patriotic pride.
I plan to hold at least two national Political events per year, this I believe will bring members from the North and South together.
Whereas back in the 70’s our party could only warn about the coming disaster of mass immigration, that disaster is now upon us, it is no longer a warning it is a reality. We now have numerous things to demonstrate and march against and believe me our numbers through our street presence will swell over the next few years.
As I said earlier about the Political side of the party not being everyone’s cup of tea, I also understand that neither is street activity, with this in mind I am sure I can comfortably say that there is something for everyone in the National Front and every member has a role to play in taking the National Front forward.
I have many plans, too numerous to talk about in this article.
I view the last few years as a stabilising period for the National Front and for this we have the previous Chairman Mr Ian Edward to thank – but let us see Saturday the 31st August as a turning point for the NF, a turning point with a strong National Directorate, a strong National Executive and Strong Leadership.
Together united we can take our struggle, our cause and the fight to win back our Race & NationForward.
Kevin Bryan
National Chairman
National Front



Here is an interview with Mr Bryan:


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