North West NF and NWI teach Antifa a lesson in manners.

Last year, Liverpool Antifa released the details of over 20 North West England based nationalists. The details included their photographs, names and addresses, work places and family members online.
A group of 8 Liverpool Antifa also viciously attacked a 53 year old patriot in Liverpool city centre.

Nationalists from the North West, mainly Liverpool, members of the NF and NWI found out about an Antifa benefit gig in Liverpool (to raise funds to promote multiculturism and “fight the far right”), and decided to go along and express their displeasure in the behavior of these Communist traitors, and give them the opportunity to “fight the far right” there and then.

This video, is the manifestation of their expression of that displeasure. 
After this incident, all personal details of Nationalists were removed from the internet and many Liverpool based Antifa declared that they were stepping out of politics.

Unfortunately, most of the patriots were arrested by British Counter Terrorism Police, and charged with Violent Disorder.
This week, the 7 charged men pleaded guilty.

These men are HEROS of the white race and our struggle for survival.

We at the European Independent Media Centre wish them all the best with their sentencing next week.
We will keep you posted on the sentence.

Here is a link to the video on our facebook page:

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