First black Italian minister wants to give historical villages to illegal immigrants from Africa



Cécile Kyenge, who was born in the Congo, was recently appointed to be the first black minister in the Italian government. She was chosen by the far-left Partito Democratico [PD] for a brand new position called “Minister of Integration.”

Her job is literally supposed to be to improve race relations and help immigrants integrate into Italian society. So far she has been a complete disaster for race relations in Italy. Italians overwhelmingly favor less immigration and want illegal aliens deported. Kyenge is calling for more immigration from the Middle East and Africa.

He latest suggestion has sent off shock waves of anger. Kyenge is calling for giving historical hilltop medieval villages to illegal aliens from Africa. Critics so the move equals the bulldozing of the Italian cultural heritage. The end result would be that the historical buildings would be immediately torn down and replaced with ghetto housing projects at taxpayer expense.

Recently, a small nationalist Italian party demonstrated in front of Kyenge’s office with a sign saying “Immigration is the genocide of peoples. Kyenge resign!”



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