International support for Stephen

We recently did an article on young Stephen, a 17 year old patriot in England who was arrested by corrupt police in Manchester, framed, and tried it a kangeroo court and despite overwhelming evidence and witnesses in his favour that proved his innocence, found guilty of a racially aggravated charge.


This was for simply shouting “Soldier killers off our streets” outside a mosque in Manchester, where many attendees were confirmed Al Qaeda supporters, and a group of them had the week before, viciously attacked a group of young children, including girls.

Our article on the arrest and trial can be found here:


In the week that followed, our article sparked outrage, and the people of Britain came together in support of Stephen, people decided to make a video  showing solidarity and support. Hundreds of people sent in photographs of themselves, and they put this video together:


Since then, support has continued to grow, and after reporting the story, and showing the video, photographs have been coming in from around Europe.

The Greek National Front have been in contact and sent us some photos to show their support!

In the following photograph, the writing translates as “Solidarity for Stephen” (left – in silver) and “National Front” (under the Greek symbol on the right – in black)


Members of the Greek National Front declare their support for young Stephen, who was framed by Corrupt British police (GPM), and the corrupt British “Justice” system.



It is great to see that the good people of Greece have gotten behind Stephen, and shown support for their British comrade. If I were Stephen, I would certainly want the Spartans behind me!


Here is a link to the website of the Greek National Front:


Please like the Greek NF on facebook:


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One Response to International support for Stephen

  1. We must Never Forget who the Real Killers are. For they Gave the Right of Passage, to Those that Kill You.

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