US Marine Iraq veteran wises up and refuses to fight for Israel, and now a White Nationalist Activist

Why I Joined the European Knights; A U.S. Marine’s Story

I enlisted as a Marine in August of 2000.  Our unit was deployed to Afghanistan

between 2001-2002, and subsequently Iraq, in 2003.  I joined the Army National

Guard in August of 2004, after I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps.

My unit was sent to Iraq in 2010,where my legs were crushed and I was temporarily

“retired” from active duty in August of 2012.  I am still waiting to see what the

military will do with me.  I have also served as a Federal PoliceOfficer in Monterey,

CA and a Deputy Sheriff in Monroe, LA, where I currently reside. Now you have

some insight into who I am, it’s time for me to tell you why I joined the European

Knights and why I am so committed to our people’s struggle.

As long as I can remember, I have always seen the Israeli flag flown alongside the

American flag and thought nothing of it. Like most Americans who are duped into

supporting policiesthat prop up Israel by the people they trust most, I believed

Israel was one of our nation’s dearest allies. Having their flag fly alongside ours

made perfect sense…on the surface. It tooka catastrophic war inury for me to

realise that Israel is NOT our friend, & my government had betrayed my marine

brothers and I.
Fast forward to Iraq 2010. Our military strategy and rules of engagement had

changed dramatically since my first tour in 2001-2003.  We were no longer

allowed to respond to the enemy with the samevigor or in the same manner.

Seemed, since my lasttour of duty, our enemy was now to be handled with kid


We were now in Iraq as an occupying force; our mission was to “win their hearts

and minds”. I constantly asked myself, as well as my superiors“Why in the world

are we trying to win the heartsand minds of people that don’t want us there? Men

that had already killed people in our deployment?”

Nobody could, or WOULD for that matter, answer me. After I was hurt in Iraq in

2010, I set out to uncover why things had changed so drastically, why we were

there in the first place, and thus began my journey.

Once I was home, I began to tell people about my experiences in Iraq, and I kept

hearing the same thing over and over again; “You are fighting Israel’s war.”  I would

laugh and carry on like it was a joke, but the more I kept hearing it, the more

I started to doubt what I’d been told, and wanted to know.

We are constantly told that Israel’s goals serve our interests. So I bought some

revisionist historical texts and started to read. I discovered that the same people

that were responsible for Germany losing the first World war, the Bolshevik

revolution, the spread of communism, the Great Depression, the Housing Market

Crisis of 2008, WWII and the death of tens of millions of people worldwide in the

years running up to WWII, were also responsible for my nation’s ills.

Some of the nationalist and revisionist texts were quite clear that while Europeans

were fighting for their fatherlands during WWI, a fifth column was running the media

, balancing the books and making off like bandits at the expense of their host nations.

That the men behind the October Socialist Revolution of 1917,  were hardly Russian at

all. David R. Francis, our ambassador in Russia, warned in a January 1918 telegram  to

Washington that the Bolshevik leaders  were mostly foreign globalists, with little

interest in Russia, outside of plundering it in the same manner they now plunder our

country.  I then discovered that the leaders in both our parties, and the men that had

set me to war to kill folks that had never done anyhing to us, were taking orders from

these very same people.

So I wanted to see who actually controlled our media, politics and finances, if in fact

they served American interests or that of a foreign power or individuals with a specific

agenda. If I had been lied to about our reasons for being in Iraq and WWII, maybe I’d been

deceived on other things as well!

So I started to research our media, and the corrupt souls that control it and through it

public opinion. I started to research our banking system, both our political parties, the

World Bank, the entertainment industry ,and the same people with alien interests kept

rearing their heads. I was shocked that literally every last sphere of influence is controlled

by individuals with a specific foreign and traitorous allegiance.

I am far from a racist person. I served with men from a multitude of backgrounds and hate no one, however to know that I was fighting for another nation’s insterests and ideology, and I can’t criticisie it for fear I’d be branded a bigot, is truly disconcerting. I love my country and when I enlisted it was to fight for her and her people. To discover that I was fighting an impoverished peope for a forgein power is truly sickening and haunts me as much as my injuries, and the fact that my nation failed me and my fellow servicemen.

Finally, I say to you that it is time to take back our Nations. So many people want to point their fingers at Muslims, so much so, that they aren’t looking at the big picture. Ever wonder how you throw people off of the real truth? You provide them with a pacifier until you can accomplish all of your goals; and that is exactly what they are doing. Most folks disregard the lessons learned from history, as reading’s “tedious”.

Source, European Knights Project:!my-service-as-us-marine/c1l8

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4 Responses to US Marine Iraq veteran wises up and refuses to fight for Israel, and now a White Nationalist Activist

  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks for sharing. Great story, enjoyed the blog and the EKP is a fabulous site! Are you affiliated?

  2. Thanks for sharing Chris’s story. You should reach out the EKP as I am sure theyd love to hear from you! If youd like I can write the director or Chris

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