Golden Dawn “supporter or member” arrested for stabbing to death “Anti-Fascist” rapper

One thing that Greece has always been known for is her ability to produce heros. It appears that Greek heros are not only refined to the pages of history or Mythology. In fact one has recently emerged in Athens.

The hero in question, after watching a football match at a cafe in the working class Keratsini area west of Athens, encountered Pavlos Fyssas, a traitor of the highest order.


Fyssas, goes by the stage name of KILLAH P. He is a Marxist “anti-fascist” hip hop singer, whos lyrics are nothing more than pure anti white propaganda, designed to brainwash our youth into accepting multi-culturism, and embracing and participating in their own racial suicide. The messages he has been sending to the Greek youth, promoting white genocide have been utterly treasonous.

Ironically, Killah P was killed following a row in the cafe with our Greek hero, who is said to be a Golden Dawn “sympathyser or member”. He was stabbed twice in the chest, penetrating the heart.

As would have been expected, many of the Judas M.P.’s of Greece, particularly from the co-ruling PASOK party wrote to the parliament speaker repeating its call for the party to be banned. Terrified of Golden Dawn, they are using the incident as an excuse to ban the Golden Dawn party from politics, with great irony, claiming that Golden Dawn are “un-democratic”! Apparently they fail to see how banning a legitimate political party with a huge mandate from the Greek people is the height of all un-democratic acts. It is obvious to all with the intelligence to see through the Zionist lies and spin that any political party that comes close to freeing our people from the clutches of Jewish rule will face the inevitability of being banned.

If this Zionist ruling elite foresee that the elections will become beyond their control, then they will ban it. Their ability to control democracy is the reason that they champion it so much.


Following the death of Fyssas, Nikos Xydakis argued in Greek newspaper Ekathimerini that the country has hit its “Red Line” as far as Golden Dawn is concerned.

“September 18, 2013, must be seen as a wake-up call for Greek democracy, the country’s institutions and its citizens,” he wrote. “The murder of 34-year-old musician Pavlos Fyssas in Keratsini by extremists is the culmination of a wave of violent activities over the past few days which began with attacks on Greek Communist Party members in Perama, carried out by alleged supporters of Golden Dawn.”

Last week, 50 men wearing black T-shirts and bearing the Golden Dawn logo rounded up communist members in Perama, south-west of Athens, who were putting up posters ahead of a planned youth festival.

Greek government spokesman Simos Kedikoglu condemned the attack and described the party’s behaviour as an attempt to create “civil-war-like events”.

This is a case of destabilising the rule of law, a practical denial of democracy“, Xydakis continued.

Xydakis obviously doesnt think that banning a legitimate political party, that is well supported by a large proportion of the Greek people, is the ultimate act of, in his own words, the “denial of democracy”.

His fear of “civil war” in Greece, is shared by the puppet government, as they are fully aware that over 50% of the Greek police, and an unknown but very large percentage of the military, support Golden Dawn. The act of banning the party, is the very act that could instigate civil war.

Golden Dawn spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris denied any official party involvmenet .

Party MP Michalis Avranitis said the victim and the suspect had a brawl over a football match on TV.

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