Dawn Raids on Golden Dawn officials, authorities rounding up their only opponents

Our Greek sources have been in touch this morning, informing us of the latest developments in Greece.

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos, and over 15 other leading party members, including 3 M.P.’s, where arrested this morning in simultanious dawn raids by Greek Counter Terrorist police.


The arrested officials will appear in court over the weekend on charges of forming a criminal organization, police said.

Authorities said some 25 counter-terrorism units were trying to track down two other MPs almost nine hours after Mr Michaloliakos was arrested in his Athens home at 7am. Greek media quoted the enigmatic politician as telling police “what you are doing is not right. The truth will shine,” as he was taken away in handcuffs.

What Greek authorities are doing, is clearly a case of rounding up political dissidents. Those that seek to free the Greek people, are classed as enemies of the state, and the Counter Terrorist Units, are nothing more than the Greek equivalent of the soviet Communist STASI secret police. The authorities have been waiting for an excuse, and have used the recent killing of violent, antifa marxist rapper “Killah P”. This has been all that they feel they needed.

We wonder if a member of the ruling Greek party was to get into a brawl and kill someone, would the officials of that party be rounded up and outlawed?
The British Labour party had homosexual serial killer Dennis Neilsen as a member for example, where HIS actions blamed on the Labour party?


Hundreds of Golden Dawn supporters, many wearing the party’s official black T-shirts, gathered outside Athens’ police headquarters, to support their moral and just struggle against the corrupt system. Michaloliakos and his chief lieutenant, the party’s spokesman Ilias Kasidiaris, were inside the building.

Before the crackdown Golden Dawn was polling at around 15%, with more than a million supporters nationwide.

Earlier this week, Michaloliakos warned he might withdraw his 18-strong parliamentary group from Greece’s 300-seat parliament – a move that could unleash political instability in a country dependent on “international rescue funds” to survive. Greece is effectively owned by Jewish international banking cartels.

The politician had also said that what he described as “mud-slinging and slander” against his party would also “open the gates of hell”.

Forcing Golden Dawn underground, while they have the support of over 50% of police, 1 million supporters on the streets, and a strong support base from within the military, may not be a good idea, as far as the hypocritical Greek government are concerned. One hopes that there are enough lamp posts in Athens to display the number of traitors from, when the Greek day of the rope finally arrives.

The Greek people have been suffering for several years now, with over 4000 Greeks committing suicide because of the ruling party’s disastrous economic policies. They have plenty of blood on their hands, and the people are aware of this.

Recently, efforts have been made to reform the police force due to their big support of Golden Dawn. Many Police chiefs have been re-located, and the Greek flag has been removed from the police uniform, prompting several officers to resign in disgust.

A demonstration had been planned today outside the Greek parliament, organised by Army veterans and ex Greek special forces. Yesterday, the government banned it. This of course leaves hundreds of already angered, ex army including a large amount of well trained elite Greek special forces, frustrated, with their traitorous government taking away their voice, and removing the option of peaceful demonstration.

What options are left to these men? Trained soldiers who have been betrayed? An uprising seems one of the only things left that they can turn to, as the Greek authorities have given them no choice, and taken away their democratic right to peacefully vent their anger, as tensions boil.


Recently, the Greek interior minister, accused Golden Dawn of trying to create the conditions for a civil war.  What a hypocrite, his own party seem hell bent on a civil war, and he will hopefully pay the ultimate price for his snake like behavior.

We observe the situation that our European brothers in Greece find themselves in with baited breath, and wish them well.

Good luck Greece.

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