Israel murders un-armed father and 10 year old son

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He died in his father’s lap after being shot by the Israeli guns and fire, 10 year old child  Muhammed Al-Durra  Died in the 30th of September 2000, The footage clearly showed his father pleading and waving his hand calling, shouting not to shoot as he had a child behind him, but no use. The murderous Zionists were actually targeting both of them until they ensured that father and child were both dead.

Children are being killed everyday in Palestine. Children getting murdered, Imprisoned, orphaned. You may ask why all this barbarism? it is simple the Zionists are brutal and black hearted without no mercy. They are Jews, the most hateful race on the planet, and can commit genocide without fear of conscequences or interference by the U.N., NATO, America, Britain. These organisations love to get involved in other countries affairs, even create wars “supporting revolutions” under the guise of “humanatarianism”, but will not so much as utter a word of condemnation about Israel. In fact they pay Israel billions of dollars every year, in effect funding this evil slaughter of children.

Israel can get away with it, because they are Jews. It is them who control all of the affore mentioned organisations. The wars started by America, and the “revolutions” created are to install Jewish banks and make slaves out of the people of the nations involved, to serve the Jewish Zionist corporation.

And some naive people still ask the question, “why did the Germans “persecute” the Jews?” The truth is, they didnt. They stood up against them.

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One Response to Israel murders un-armed father and 10 year old son

  1. Yeah, that’s the perspective that is so misunderstood by the public. The general level of brutality practiced unilatteraly worldwide by all sides is mind boggling. The Germans wanted their country back by any means necessary. They had no choice. It was a do or die situation.

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