4 year old abducted blond girl found in Roma camp in Greece

For centuries, parents have been warning their children to beware of Roma Gypsies, for they kidnap children in order to bring new blood into their communities.

For years now, the far left, mainstream media, and education bodies have dismissed these traditional reservations as “urban myth” and “racist stereotypes”.

They can no longer deny the dangers posed to our children. A case has come to light, of a 4 year old girl named Maria, who has been found on a Roma camp.


The blonde haired, blue eyed girl was accidentally discovered on a police raid on the Roma camp as they were looking for drugs and weapons.

They have now inadvertently opened up a can of worms and exposed the historically known truth about Gypsies that they have tried to dispel.

They have in recent years, tried to hide the truth in an effort to ensure that the indigenous European people remain apathetic to the recent surge of the culturaly criminal Roma that the E.U. has been flooding into our countries.

Once again, it has been exposed that our governments are putting our children in serious risk, in order to ensure that they reach their multicultural agenda to achieve the ultimate goal of European Federalism.

A Roma couple are suspected by social workers of kidnapping the girl and sending her out to beg, or involving her in a sex ring. They are due to appear in court on charges of abducting the 4 year old.

Police initially raided the Roma camp to search for drugs and weapons.

They noticed the lack of resemblance between the blonde-haired, green-eyed, pale-skinned little girl and her parents, and found further discrepancies when they investigated the family’s documents.

The couple had registered different numbers of children with different regional family registries.

The Greek authorities say the couple were in possession of false papers which suggested the woman had given birth to six children within a 10-month period. When questioned about how they came to have Maria, the couple gave “constantly changing claims”, Thessalia Province Police Director Vassilis Halatsis said.

DNA tests show that she is in no way related to the parents, or any of the Roma.

She is now being cared for in Athens by a charity, called “The Smile of the Child”, which has so far received more than 8,000 calls, many from frantic parents of abducted children after an appeal for information about the girl’s identity. There is now a European hunt to find the parents of the girl.

2 families in the U.K. have been in contact, both suspecting that the girl may be their missing daughters.

Also, Kerry Needham, whose son Ben was abducted in 1991 in Kos aged 21 months, said she always believed gypsies took Ben. She said that the finding of Maria had given her fresh hope.

She said that Greek authorities had suggested it would be “impossible” to conceal a blonde-haired child in a gypsy encampment, but the case of Maria – who has blonde hair – proved that wrong.

She said the family had repeatedly claimed Ben had been taken by gypsies, but Greek police had always “strongly denied” the possibility.


Above: Ben Needham, abducted in Kos in 1991 aged 21 months

The case of Ben Needham and Maria proves that the Greek people’s support of Golden Dawn is well placed, and that despite their governments frantic efforts to outlaw them, they are the only organisation that has protected their children from Immigrant criminal elements that the Greek authorities have subjected the people to.

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