Council vote “No confidence” in Atos after obvious corruption and throwing the disabled on the scrapheap

ATOS, is a French company that the British government ran Department for Work and pensions (welfare department) employs to carry out “Medical assessments” on disabled people.


ATOS employs what they cleverly term, “Healthcare Proffesionals” to carry out these “assessments”. A “Healthcare Proffesional” is not neccessarily a doctor, but as the name suggests, can be a nurse, a hospital porter, or even a doctors secretary, who they will have carrying out so called “Medical Assessments” on disabled benefit claimants, in order to determine whether or not they are entitled to  benefits.

ATOS is under orders from the DWP to ensure that they FAIL the majority of cases that they assess. They are told that if they pass more than 12% of their assessments as “unfit to work” – entitling them to disability benefit, then they will lose their contract.

In other words, ATOS employ mercenary “healthcare Proffesionals” to perform fraudulent assessments and declare unfit, severely disabled people as “fit for work”, denying them of any help from the state. ATOS “healthcare Proffessionals” have declared as “fit to work”, a man on his deathbed (he died of cancer less than a week after the assessment), a man in a coma, and a man with severe heart problems, who was then forced to work and died of a heart attack as a result. Many people who simply cannot work, such as cripples and blind people, have committed suicide in despair, after ATOS has declared them fit to work and removed their benefits. The DWP are aware of this, but as long as ATOS do their dirty work, they are happy with the service that they are paying for. ATOS and the British government are corrupt to the core.



Above is a photograph of a protest at the Paralympics last year in Britain, as ATOS was bizarrely chosen as a sponsor (PR reasons)

At the Paralympics, the British team, fully aware of who ATOS are and what they do, covered up the ATOS logo on their pass badges in protest, and in some cases, refused to wear them at all.


Recently, a British Council has voted “No Confidence” in ATOS on the grounds of “poor performance”. This is because that 90% of the cases that ATOS found “fit to work”, were later overturned at tribunal. Their corruption has translated as “poor performance”, as they were proven officially wrong in over 90% of their assessments.

Let us hope that this is a sign of things to come, and another corrupt aspect of the British government is taken to task, and its employees and collaborators destroyed.


The following is taken directly from Islington councils website:


  • Date: 18 October 2013
  • Author: Charles Dean

Islington Council’s Executive has passed a vote of no confidence in Atos, the Government contractor running Work Capability Assessments for local residents on disability benefits.

It is believed to be the first time a council has made a direct challenge to Government over the poor performance of Atos in determining eligibility for benefits.

The vote of no confidence comes after an Islington Council scrutiny investigation raised significant concerns about the performance of Atos.

On behalf of The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Atos carries out assessments on local people to assess eligibility for a range of disability benefits including Employment Support Allowance (ESA) and the new Personal Independence Payment (PIP), which has replaced Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

Of 108 ESA appeals made by Islington residents and assisted by the council in the 18 months to September 2013, 95 were won – almost 90 per cent. Islington has over 13,000 disabled residents.

Regionally, 45 per cent all appeals against Atos ESA ‘Fit for Work’ decisions in London been successful.

With Remembrance Sunday looming, war veterans are also reminded that Atos are responsible for determining the sickness and disability part of their pension entitlements.

Cllr Richard Watts, leader of Islington Council said: “Many of Islington’s disabled residents are already in work or would like to work and Islington Council is proud to support them.

“However it’s important those who can’t, have financial security. The Government wants to cut the benefits bill by 20 per cent and the assessment process is weighted against the disabled claimant, limiting the number allowed.

“Disabled residents deserve far better than this over-reliance on dangerously simplistic computer questionnaires.

“Atos’s performance in Islington has been shocking and we are telling the Government we no longer have any confidence in them.”

People who have been assessed have complained Atos methodology is too simplistic, ignores medical evidence and assessors lack the high level of knowledge and understanding required.

Disabled mother-of-four Hatije Musa of N1, who used to work in an Islington primary school until multiple health problems ended her career, was told she was fit for work despite serious health conditions including cancer and heart disease.  She said:

“I’d love to work but I can’t due to my cancer, asthma, liver and heart disease, and I am not going to get better.

“Atos assessors should understand the effect radiation treatment has on the body longer term.  I submitted and resubmitted doctors’ letters but Atos weren’t interested.  They check if you have trouble walking or can lift your arms up but they don’t listen to you as a person.  And they don’t care about how ill and tired your conditions make you feel each day – which can vary.

“The assessment system makes you tired and depressed and I was so angry and upset after my back to work interview – I was pronounced fit and my income support was stopped.

“Thanks to Islington Law Centre, I got my benefits back on appeal.”

Islington Council has committed at least £1.3 million for advice services in Islington – including advice provided through Centre 404 and Islington Law Centre. In March 2013 the council agreed further one-off funding of over £100k to assist the CAB, Disability Action Islington and Islington People’s Rights to increase their capacity to cope with the increased demand from residents affected by welfare reform.

Disability Action in Islington’s Chief Executive Rahel Geffen confirms that much of the charity’s time is spent challenging clients’ fitness to work assessments. She said:

“When we review the success rate in ESA claims following DAII’s intervention – it is 76 per cent.

“Atos is a disability denial factory.  Evidence from disability campaigners is that people are trapped in poverty caused by withdrawal of benefits they are entitled to and rely on. 

“The worry and stress of these assessments further impacts on disabled people’s mental health and national campaign organisations report an increase of suicides as a result.

“The aim of the Work Capability Assessments carried out by Atos is to force Deaf and disabled people into a labour market with already high unemployment rates, whether they are ready for work or not. The Work Capability Assessment is deeply flawed and has to stop.”



Well done Islington Councilors

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4 Responses to Council vote “No confidence” in Atos after obvious corruption and throwing the disabled on the scrapheap


  2. BillScott says:

    What else would you expect from the ruling governing . This just proves that they are nothing better than thieves . It’s time this government stood down before they are thrown from there seats . The disabled of this country have had enough . It’s time get rid of the so called Doctors Nurses of ATOS Theives the same as the government

  3. They are a company of mercenaries, and are paid to FAIL disabled people, not “assess” them.

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