The Elephant in the room


Many people are aware that in this world, all is not what it seems. Our governments make decisions that are obviously harmful to our countries and our people.
Many are aware that our governments do not care about the people but only about themselves and lining their own pockets.
The governments are destroying our countries with disasterous policies that even idiots can see are not for the peoples benefit, and will destroy our nations. Like the immigration policies that will eventually replace the native peoples with third world ethnics, and the financial decisions that favour the banks and big buisness, but leave the actual people of our countries high and dry, making slaves of us. Big buisness (Capitalism) goes hand in hand with immigration, importing cheap foreign goods and importing cheap foreign labour is how they capitalise on maximum profit.

Wars are even fought over business, most of the wars in the last 2 centuries were fought on behalf of the massive corporations, for their greedy capitalist interests. Basically, gangsters on a massive worldwide scale, veiled in false legitimacy.

But who is behind all of this?
Many commentators like Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura will tell you that it is the “illuminati” the “Masons” or the “socialists”.
But they will never mention the whole truth, which is why they are allowed on the mainstream, Mr Ventura for example, even has a T.V. show, with none other than hardline Marxist Oliver Stones’ son as one of his “investigators”.
Another of his “investigators” is June Sarprong. Americans will not know of her before that show, but the British know her as a two bit channel 4 Saturday morning trash T.V. presenter.

We also have David Ike telling the world that it is “Reptilian aliens” that live in the Moon who are responsible for the worlds ills, and the plight of mankind.


All of these people are willing frauds. Dis-information agents who provide some truth, but then lead their followers down the wrong path, purposely diverting them from the truth.

Exactly WHO are the Illuminati?
Who are the prime instigators of Socialism and Marxism?
Who invented Marxism?
Who runs the Masons?
Who are the Bilderbergers?
Who run the Banks?

Who are the Elites?

Any and ALL serious investigations leads you one race of people at the helm of what is happening, and who run all of the institutions, banks, top businesses, and secret societies.
These people run the Media (which is why Jesse Ventura has a T.V. show and is put on C.NN. and Fox alongside his friend Alex Jones).
The same people pushing all of the destructive ideologies such as Marxism, Feminism, Multiculturism etc, they are also pushing perversions and attacking anything that is moral, decent and good.

There appears to be a massive elephant in the room, and that elephant is a Jew.
The answer to all of the above questions is THE JEWS.


If Jesse Ventura is exposing the N.W.O. (New World Order), then why would they allow him and his friend Alex Jones (who is married to a Jewess) on T.V.?
With the money and resources that they and millionaire David Ike have at their disposal, how come they have not reached the conclusion that there is Jewish involvement? Or even dared to mention any connection to Jews?


They all speak at length of their investigations and desire to expose the Bilderberg group, but all of these comentators, including Ventura, Jones and Ike, have the audacity to call the Bilderbergers “Nazis”, when out of 36 of the Bilderbergers, 28 are Jews!


Do not allow these traitors to send you on a wild goose chase. Do not allow them to divert you away from the truth. It is Zionist Jews who must be defeated.
It is not Lizard men from Outerspace, and it is not the “Nazis”!
It was the “Nazis” who tried to free us from the clutches of the International Bankers, the Free Masons and the Marxists, until the international bankers and Zionists declared war on Germany in 1939.

One Commentator who is not given a platform by the media,the News channels, radio tells people exactly WHO is behind the Global business elites, Illuminati and so on.

Dr David Duke.

Please watch:

Have the brains, and make the effort to do your own research on these matters, instead of allowing the controlled media to promote who and what they want you to listen to and believe.

Do not simply listen to Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura, David Ike or even ME!

Take what you see and research it for yourself.
Our enemies are experts at mis-information. You have the internet, so use it!

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2 Responses to The Elephant in the room

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  2. irokoin says:

    It’s not just Zionist Jews, it’s the WHOLE jewish tribe


    A Reply by 757 Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Rabbis of America to a Statement Issued by Ninety Members of the Reform Rabbinate Charging That Zionism Is Incompatible with the Teachings of Judaism

    The so called anti-zionists jews are not our friends AT ALL


    “A great movement, called Zionism, arose among them (the jews). Its aim was to assert the national character of Judaism, and the movement was strongly represented in Vienna. To outward appearances it seemed as if only one group of Jews championed this movement, while the great majority disapproved of it, or even repudiated it.

    But an investigation of the situation showed that those outward appearances were purposely misleading… For that part of Jewry which was styled Liberal did not disown the Zionists as if they were not members of their race but rather as brother Jews who publicly professed their faith in an unpractical way, so as to create a danger for Jewry itself…Thus there was no real rift in their internal solidarity. This fictitious conflict between the Zionists and the Liberal Jews soon disgusted me; for it was false ”


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