Mass brawl at college proves “lack of education” excuse for negro’s savagery void

A video capturing a wild brawl at St. Louis Community College campus has surfaced. This video shows an unruly mob of blacks viciously fighting each other, including a black woman, then a black man, repeatedly punching and kicking another negress while she is holding a baby.

The savagery of this brawl is typical of negro behavior, however, this character trait has always been excused by left wingers as the result of a “lack of education”, followed by the ludicrous claim that “we are all the same”.

This fight was on a college campus between negro college students, who despite their receiving of higher education, remain every bit as savage as their African brethren that reside in the Congo, Rwanda, Nigeria etc.

No. Africans are not the same as Europeans, and it goes far beyond skin colour.

The genetic differences between the races are clearly evident in athletic, behavioral, moral and academic ethics and abilities to anyone but the most blinkered and deluded fools that choose to live their lives in denial, or those that do not have the intelligence to see through the political correct garbage that has been spoon fed to us all since birth.

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