Public Support continues in Greece for Golden Dawn as members participate in National Parade

The mainstream European media would have you believe that public support for Golden Dawn is waning after several tumultuous months with several incidents that we have reported including  the stabbing of an an Antifa rapper who was encouraging violent attacks on nationalists, the raiding of the Golden Dawn offices and homes of party officials and M.P.’s and their subsequent arrests and unlawful imprisonments, and the recent murder of 2 young Golden Dawn members which has also left another man fighting for his life.


As usual however, despite the best attempts of the state and the Jewish ran media, support for Golden Dawn remains high in Greece.

This was proven this week as a group of Golden Dawn members, joined by 4 members of the Greek National Front youth division, participated in an annual parade.

In Greece, the 28th of October is celebrated as the anniversary of the day that Greece entered World War 2. There is always a military parade. This year GD played a part in this parade ,participating under the name of “Sacred Band” (Ieros Lochos).

In the following video, Golden Dawn enter the camera at 1:30, the band dressed in black. As can clearly be seen, the applause shows that the public is still in support of the Greek Nationalist party:

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