CCTV of the Golden Dawn murders

Sadly, as we reported, 2 young men were killed outside Golden Dawn offices in Athens last week.

Their names were Giorgos Foundoulis and Manolis Kapelonis. Rest In Peace.


A third man, is still fighting for his life, despite suffering severe injuries such as a punctured diaphram, punctured stomach and lung, and having had his spleen removed, this man has continued to tenaciously hang on to life, defying death with the strength of a Spartan warrior.

The attack took place as the Greek government continues to crack down on the party – Greece’s third most popular – after one of its sympathizers stabbed a violent anti-white Marxist rapper to death in September.

The victims of the Athens shooting were 20- and 23-years-old.

Greek Authorities have claimed that they suspect that it is the work of either:

a) The sect of Revolutionaries

b) The Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei

c) Albanian or Georgian hit men hired by “shadowy forces” propagating instability in the country

It has now emerged that the GD offices that the shot men frequented had been raided by the police (a week before their murders) who went on to confiscate bulletproof vests that had been bought as a precaution because of the calculated media smears, designed to instill hatred against Golden Dawn since september and the expectance of some kind of attack from either the far left, or the state.

Also a couple of GD MPs were at the offices that same night to give speeches, and both had handed in their weapons to their local police station (MPs in Greece are allowed by law to own and carry firearms).

This is clearly an attack from the state. The Greek government were recently ordered by Jewish buisness men and Bankers to “wrap up Golden Dawn”. And then all of this happens. The police confiscated bullet proof vests!

Bullet proof vests are designed to preserve life, and can do NO harm whatsoever.

Why confiscate bullet proof vests?

They also, as stated, confiscated the legaly owned fire arms from the M.P.s, and then this attack happens on the Athens offices, the night G.D. elected M.P.s were attending, after the state had rendered them helpless.

One does not need to be a genious to work out that this was a planned assasination attempt by the enemies of Europe, the ruling elite, who refer to themselves as the chosen. The Jewish international bankers are sending out a message once more, that message, is “Don’t interfere with our power”.

Here is  the CCTV of the Athens GD murders:

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