Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation Under new California state law!!!

We have warned before, that paedophelia will eventually be legalised, and classed as a sexual orientation.

In the 50’s being a homosexual was illegal, and up untill the year 2000, homosexuals were not allowed to join the British army. And now, all 3 British military services have even reached the lows of allowing servicemen and women to participate in Gay Pride marches in uniform.

These days, homosexuals have more rights than normal people, and our western governments (but not Russia) ensure that all public bodies and even force private organisations to bend over backwards for perverts. Being a homosexual is actively promoted, even in schools to 5 year old children, as is the disgusting perversion of “transgender” cross-dressing freaks.

That last point was an indication as to how close we were to legalising peadophelia, another, was when Harriot Harmon, the deputy leader of the Labour party was allowed to sit on the council for children’s welfare under the last Labour government.


In the 1970’s, Harriot Harmon was a pro-paedofile activist with P.I.E. (Britains NAMBLA), and tried to legalise paedophelia. She also attempted to have child porn legalised “providing the child involved wasn’t harmed”. She even took a letter to downing street, petitioning for these warped law changes!


This woman is deputy leader of the Labour party, and after the next elections, more than likely she will be deputy Prime Minister to the Marxist Jew Ed Milliband, who will be the most intentionally destructive Prime Minister that Britain has ever seen.

One only need to look at the amount of convicted paedophile Labour party M.P.’s, councilors, Lord Mayors and activists to see that the Labour pary is the party of choice for paedophiles, as they know that they will eventually legalise their perversion.

The group “Labour 25” exposes Labour paedophiles and details they’re sick, perverted crimes:

The judges and law makers ensure that the creatures that sexually molest children are given minimal 3 month prison sentences, and a new life on release, they are a protected species, allowed to live near playgrounds, seaside resorts, and even have jobs working with children, as otherwise their “human rights would be infringed”.

It was easy to see were this was leading, and now we are there.

Paedophelia has been classed as a “sexual orientation” in california.


Please read on:

In regards to California state law SB 1172, which was initiated to ban conversion therapy in California, there were questions regarding the text of the bill.

“This language is so broad and vague, it arguably could include all forms of sexual orientation, including pedophilia,” said Brad Dacus, prersident of the Pacific Justice Institute. “It’s not just the orientation that is protected—the conduct associated with the orientation is protected as well.”

It also means that, if pedophilia is a sexual orientation, that discrimination laws also apply to pedophiles. That means you cannot block a pedophile from being a preschool teacher or any other high-risk occupation.

Recently, a United States District Court Judge, William Shubb, sided with Pacific Justice Institute (PJI) by granting their plaintiffs a preliminary injunction against the legislation, which is known as California SB 1172.


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