Cameron orders media blackout of Lee Rigby killers trial. Why?

The trial of the muslim negros that beheaded a British soldier on a busy London street has been taking place recently. It has just been adjourned.

You probably didnt know this because there has been a complete media blackout of the trial, as ordered by the “British” Prime Minister David Cameron.


It is not unusual for media blackouts of this kind of thing, as the mainstream media and government do not want the public to become aware of the dangers that have been created by the forced mass immigration that they have inflicted upon Britain, and indeed the whole of Europe.

One point in particular that David Cameron does not want the British public to become aware of is this:

The Zionist Jew David Cameron, is one of the main sponsors of the Communist Unite Against Fascism. The U.A.F. is a Marxist group that protests against anything British, or anything moral, and promotes mass immigration, the abolition of all borders, and the rights of paedophiles and other assorted perverts.

The U.A.F. also supports and campaigns alongside Islamic fundamentalists. And please take a look at this.

The following video shows Michael Adebolajo, one of the killers of soldier Lee Rigby, speaking at a U.A.F. rally, and directing the crowd, obviously as one of the leaders of the “Unite Against Fascism” demonstration.

The British Prime Minister does not want the British people to find out that he was funding the man who beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight, on a busy street, in Britain’s capital city.

He does not yet want it revealed how anti-British he actually is.

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5 Responses to Cameron orders media blackout of Lee Rigby killers trial. Why?

  1. Wotan says:

    At first I thought: How true. And then I picked up on your pathetic Jew-hatred and said to myself: How sad.

    • Wotan says:

      The media blackout is certainly true. But Cameron a zionist Jew? Give me a break.
      That’s old fashioned nazi propaganda.

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