The European youth awake: 12,000 participate in torch-lit procession


On November 18, the independence day of Latvia, patriotic youth organisations from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania signed a common declaration in Riga, promising to keep fighting for the European nation-states despite of increasing globalist smear against nationalism. The representatives of Conservative Youth (Estonia) and Lithuanian Nationalist Youth Union had travelled to Riga where their comrades from Latvian National Alliance held one of the world’s largest torchlight processions with estimated 12,000 participants, honoring the day 95 years ago when Latvia gained independence.

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14 Responses to The European youth awake: 12,000 participate in torch-lit procession

  1. Please could we have details of the organisation who organised this splendid march.

    • Raymond says:

      The founder and leader of the Latvian ‘National Alliance’ party, Raivis Dzintars MP, has just released his latest book entitled ‘Pozitivais Nacionalisms’ or in English, Positive Nationalism. Here are the five main points which he emphasizes in this new publication;

      “If the nation is to unite to a political center with positive values, it would need to agree on the major current challenges of today. I see it as being these five principles:”

      First, Encouraging a popular national self-awareness and a sense of belonging to Latvia, particularly through the education system, the media and culture. It also includes teaching an accurate view of our history, which means honoring the heroes of our nation and the glorification of our bravest people.

      Second, Putting an end to negative political ideas (Communism and Socialism) and identifying those who promote these alien dogmas, which are contrary to the Latvian statehood foundations. In practice this means even those in the government not exempting “Harmony Centre” and “PCTVL” (far left pro-Russia parties) and their supporters. It is important to monitor the various groups which promote anti-government activities. Citizenship should be granted by the state only to people who are loyal to Latvia.

      Third, Target plans which promote higher Latvian birth rates, attempt to discourage Latvian emigration from the country and to prevent new immigration (so we can preserve our nation and it’s culture).

      Fourth, Ensure that the Latvian language is the official language not only in official documents, but also in daily life. This requires a shift away from the current language educational system, where some of the population are not taught in Latvian and therefore are not proficient in speaking or understanding the national language. If we are going to be a united country then we must promote excellent knowledge of the Latvian language for every citizen.

      Fifth, Gaining alliances with non-Latvians. Making sure that citizen’s of Russian, Ukrainian or Polish origin will be an ardent defender’s of a Latvian Latvia, while at the same time retaining pride in their identity and their ancestral culture.

      As we all know, it is sometimes difficult to translate documents that are written in a foreign language. Hopefully, all of this has been accurately translated and can be clearly understood by the readers!

      Lastly, I should point out that the “Nacionālā apvienība Visu Latvijai!” (eng; National Alliance – All For Latvia!) was only founded several years ago by a handful of (aged 14-16 years)high school students and now (after the 1. June 2013 elections) most political scientists concede that we are third largest political party in Latvia.

  2. Raymond says:

    Here is the link to our official video:

    And a video from Kalvis Kalsers:

    Viewing both of these video’s tells more than mere words about what is happening in the Baltic states

  3. ulf says:

    Truly wonderful, I only hope that other European Nation states can find the courage to stand up to Socialism in the guises of The EU and economic universalism and the destruction of European independent culture. I would have liked to be there very much for this. I am however not surprised by the lack of media coverage. I’m sure it wasn’t covered because there was no way the media barons could have portrayed this negatively thus it was swept under the world carpet as it were.

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  5. Giorgi Kobalava says:

    Splendid march carry on Baltic brothers big support from Georgian nationalists. Thumps Up!!!!!

  6. Pedro E. says:

    Honor, blood and soil!!!greetings from Portugal

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  8. Raymond says:

    At this time I hope to bring the readers up to date on the nationalist movement in Latvia.

    Not surprisingly, these torchlight celebrations continue to grow each year and now take place in every major city and also in most towns all across Latvia. In less than 30 days we shall again be holding our parades in over 100 Latvian cities and towns. Here is a typical example, from the western seaport city of Liepaja;

    This video, from the 2011 Liepaja parade, shows the monument at the conclusion of this event, between the 1:38-40 mark, which honors all those freedom fighters who gave their lives in the struggle against communism. It is at this location where people light candles and leave flowers honoring Latvia’s greatest generation of heroes.;

    At the same time, all Latvian fraternal societies also turn out to honor their society brothers, who made the ultimate sacrifice is this struggle against evil, by going to the Bralu Kapi, (Brothers Cemetery) located in central Riga, where many leading officers of the WWII Latvian Legion now lie buried;

    In this last offering we can see members of today’s Latvian army singing the popular WWII marching song; “SS Marching in The Land of Fiends” during the evening of these celebrations;

    Last year it was reported that as many as 100,000 Latvians participated in these commemorations. What is really impressive is the fact that all of this was started a dozen years ago, by 75 teenage students, who had formed a nationalist club at their high school. So, this stands as proof of what can be accomplished with dedication and hard work. Today, due in no small part to the Islamic invasion threat now facing all Europeans, nationalism is alive and well in Latvia, and during the past year it has been experiencing explosive growth.

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