Headmistress attempted to terrorise parents into sending their children to multicultural brainwashing day at Islamic centre

This is Lynn Small, far left Headmistress of Littleton Green Community School in Huntington, Staffordshire in England. She threatened parents that she would smear their 8 year old children with “racial discrimination” labels on their permanent school records if they did not allow them to attend the schools multiculturalist  mental conditioning day at an Islamic centre!



Not only did she threaten to harm the childrens’ futures, but also demanded that parents paid £5 for the privilage of having their children attend the mandatory brainwashing session!

Parents were ordered to send their children to a workshop on Islam or have them labelled  as racist for the rest of their  school career.

They were sent a letter warning that the primary school pupils would have a ‘racial discrimination note’ put on their records if they did not go.

Families were told to pay £5 per child for the Explore Islam trip next Wednesday to Staffordshire University, which would involve Year 4 and Year 6 children being shown Islamic artefacts.


Mothers and fathers were warned: ‘Refusal to allow your child to attend will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child’s education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career.

‘All absences on this day will be investigated for their credibility and will only be sanctioned with a GP sick note.’

Yesterday parents at Littleton Green Community School in Huntington, Staffordshire, said the threat to the pupils aged between eight and 11 was ‘ludicrous’. Gillian Claridge, 55, said: ‘How dare they threaten to brand the children racist at such a young age? It’s going to make them feel like little criminals.

‘The very nature of religion is all about choice. On this occasion they were not being given any choice at all. It was a draconian move and it’s left a lot of parents fuming.’

Stacy Waldron, 26, whose eight-year-old daughter is a pupil, said: ‘I feel my child will be [seen as] racist if I don’t allow her to go. This is my choice, not hers, and she shouldn’t have to pay for it.’

According to the letter sent last Wednesday, the visit is part of  the National Curriculum for religious education and also reflects ‘the multi-cultural community in which we live’.

It went on: ‘It is a statutory requirement for primary school children to experience and learn about different cultures. 

‘The workshop will give your child the opportunity to explore other religions.

‘Children will be looking at religious artefacts similar to those that would be on display in a museum. They will not be partaking in any religious practices.

‘If you would like to discuss this further, please contact our RE  co-ordinator, Mrs Edmonds.’

However, the school backtracked just one day later after council officers intervened due to mass complaints by parents.

Here is the letter that enraged parents:




A revised letter sent out on  Thursday apologised for ‘inaccuracies’ and told parents: ‘On  reflection, disregard a section from the earlier letter.’

Headmistress Lynn Small said:  ‘We are a mainly Christian school, but we have to cover at least one other religion as part of the National Curriculum. This visit is part of that. Of course, the British indigenous religion of Heathenism or “Paganism” would not be considered, as the true agenda of this session is obviously to socially engineer young white children and instill a multicultural ideology into their young minds, and an acceptance of white racial suicide.


The traitor headmistress added, ‘They would not be taking part in any religious practices. We have had similar workshops on a variety of religions in the past, including one on Islam, with no problems at all and the children have absolutely loved it.
‘We have pupils and teachers who belong to the Islam faith and it is right for the children to understand and appreciate their faith as well as their own.’ Why she would believe it is right for children to understand a religion that allows them to be raped is beyond any rational mind.

 Schools are constantly trying to enforce their policy of warping children’s minds with radical far left Marxist ideology that will cause them to be turned into a generation devoid of racial loyalty or pride.

Angry parents congregate outside the school, demanding to see Headmistress Lynn Small:




What has been shown here though, is that if enough responsible parents have the courage to stand up to the bullying by schools when they try to destroy our children’s minds, we can force them to stop, and we may yet save the next generation from falling into the abyss of Cultural Marxism.


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