Kim Kardashian keeps 90% of the money she raised for victims of the Phillipines disaster





Kim Kardashian, the 2 bit talentless mongrel, who does……I’m not sure what,  has managed to annoy even her most ardent followers with a new money and fame generation scheme in which she uses a charitable cause to help bulk up her pre-tax profits. Not just any charity either, but one for survivors of a typhoon.

It all started last friday when the reality TV star set up an eBay auction to aid victims of the Philippines disaster, but then realised that they probably don’t need all of the money and so decided to keep around 90 percent of the revenue, supposedly for overheads. Weirdly, while her fans don’t seem to mind most of the awful and degenerate things she does, they’ve had to draw the line at this particular caper. Take a look at her blog to see what we mean

Kim I think what your doing is great but honestly only 10 percent? yes I know it is still more than they would have but 90 percent is far more than is needed for over head exspenses. I am a huge fan of your but this disappoints me thinking you say it is for the Philippines and you get 90 petcent vs 10 percent Philippines. If there is another reason please lets us know

I used to be a huge fan, but I hope they give you back your insulting “portion of the proceeds” which is a measly 10% back to you so you can choke on it. You leading on that it’s for a good cause to pursue people to buy is degrading. I hope you get to keep your money, you probably need it more than they do.

10% of the proceeds only? And the rest goes into your pockets? I would NEVER contribute to anything you do. It is never about anyone but you.

Do you even know the meaning of the word Charity. Your so called prayers and thoughts for the people of the Philippines are as hollow , greedy, and empty as can be possible. You are nothing more than a greedy little un-talented wanna-be. How dare you use these people’s misery to make money ! Don’t you and boy friend have enough money without using these poor wretched souls in their hour of desperation. Shame on you !!!!!


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One Response to Kim Kardashian keeps 90% of the money she raised for victims of the Phillipines disaster

  1. kim k. should feel bad with all the money she has……..what goes around comes around. People aren’t happy with this decision, and if the fans lose interest in her, her bank account will not increase. I think it’s terrible, that she kept 90% of the money. Hopefully she won’t try this again, but the people are wise to her. She doesn’t need any money from us middle class people.

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