Another Nationalist Activist Wrongfully Jailed in England

In yet another demonstration of the corruption of the British Justice system, a man has been jailed for simply defending himself and fighting back against a Communist immigrant “ANTIFA” attacker in Leigh.

Leigh UAF have a reputation for violent attacks on Nationalists, but as with all left wing thugs, only attack in packs, when a potential victim is out numbered, jut like dogs do.

In recent years, a BNP activist was attacked with a hammer by a large gang of UAF in Leigh, who had surrounded their vehicle. Tony Ward, then BNP activist was hit in the face by a negro with a hammer.


The attackers were never prosecuted. It was later revealed that Ward, was a Jewish infiltrator to the BNP, who admitted that he formerly worked for the IDF in Israel. In the most bizzare twist to the story of Tony Ward, who has a Chinese wife, he was what he described as a “non transitional transgender”, who had breasts as a result of receiving hormone injections. The pervert had infiltrated the BNP to liberalise it, promote a gay rights agender and destroy from within, while collecting information on Nationalists. Ward was never seen without a camera.

The recent incident between the UAF and Nationalists in Leigh is a different story.

A political demonstration was occurring in Leigh, in the Northwest of England, when a member of the “Unite Against Fascism” group (UAF), ran over and attacked a patriot, known as Pablo Carpo. He was also attempting to steal a banner from Mr Carpo, as police tried to hold the patriot back, thus prevent him from defending himself.


The attacker, an Arab, was twice the size of Mr Carpo, yet was no match for the reserve of the angry Aryan in defending himself and his country. As Pablo managed to free himself from the grasp of the police, the immigrant UAF man was in for quite a shock, as he was completely out classed by the indigenous Carpo, who was angry at being attacked for rightfully protesting about the non stop waves of alien immigration into his native lands.


In the picture above, Pablo turns the tables on his attacker as he is no longer rendered defenceless by the left wing police.


These photographs clearly show that the aggressor in this incident, was the Arab, and police made no atempt at preventing him from atacking the white patriot, but tried to stop him from defending himself.

So what was the result?

Pablo Carpo has been jailed for 12 weeks, and will spend Christmas away from his children for daring to voice his opposition to government policy that will see them a minority when they are adults.

No charges were brought against the attacker.

The head of the C.P.S. (the Crown Prosecution Service) that decides what charges will be brought, and against who (the “British” District Attorney), is non other than

Nazir Afzal OBE


It is therefore little wonder why Nationalists in the North West of England are ALWAYS stitched up, while the attackers of ANTIFA are constantly getting their charges dropped.

Nazir Afzal should hang! Not recieve an O.B.E. from the Queen!

A clear case of Carpet Bagging.

He would naturally support his racial brothers and their supporters, over indigenous people of Britain.

The guy in the picture who Pablo is being attacked by owns a curry house in Leigh greater Manchester. His curry house is called Chilli Lounge.

The address is 31a – 33a Leigh road, Leigh wn7 1qp

Telephone number is 01942 672784 His facebook name is chilli mobin and he’s a big player in the Leigh UAF.

source for pics and info: No Parmesan

We would presume that the corrupt Nazir Afzal will not have to pay for a curry again.

Our final thoughts?

No man escapes when freedom fails,
the best men rot in filthy jails.
And those who cried,”appease appease”
are hung by those they tried to please.

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