Non white immigrant M.P. personaly turns up to WELCOME the first wave of Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants to Britain!


Ministers have spent the past 12 months appearing to be in an almighty flap about how to stem a feared flood of Bulgarian and Romanian migrants once transitional controls on their freedom of movement lift. They’ve announced and re-announced measures on benefit tourism, housing and access to public services. But while they’ve been tinkering with these measures which may or may not make any difference to the number of people who do pitch up, they’ve managed to forget one very effective measure indeed.

If only David Cameron had exclusively revealed months ago that the best way of deterring an influx would be to deploy Home Affairs Committee chair Keith Vaz to personally patrol the UK border. Today the Labour MP was waiting at Luton airport, along with “Conservative” MP Mark Reckless, to greet the first ‘wave’ of migrants, and offer some of them coffee.

Gypsies that have tickets to Britain have already told press that they intend to beg and steal from the gullible Brits once they arrive.


What is it that these creatures (Romany Gypsies that pose as European Romanians) have to offer Britain exactly? They are well known as parasites throughout Europe, and this fact is indisputable!

Keith Vaz, a non white immigrant is WELCOMING the downfall of Britain. 


2.47 million are unemployed in Britain already, and the floodgates have just opened for as many Romanians and Bulgarians AND non European Roma that want to, and Keith Vaz, Labour M.P. turns up to personaly greet them? Who votes for these people?

Labour have actually said that Britain needs more immigrants! And just watch, in May, the majority of the voting public in Britain, will vote Labour again like the imbeciles they are.

These sheep prove that either:
A. They do not deserve the right to vote, or
B. They deserve EVERYTHING that’s coming to them.

So which is it?

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