Norway’s Children In The Hands Of Perverts

Norway: The Militant Gay agenda now forces infants and Children to take part in gay pride Parades.

Russia has been the only western country to stand up against the Cultural Marxist homosexual agenda. But In Norway the depraved propaganda seems to have gone so far that gay and so-called “tolerant” parents force their children to show solidarity to with this perversion. 
From the Gay Pride in Oslo and Bergen infants in stroller with their parents and children around two years participate under the banner “Proud Gay Parents”. Only a decade ago no one speak about homosexuality, but it seems to have gotten so far that even infants are now being forced to celebrate sexual perversion with adults. A video from the parade

There is no two ways about it. Our children are being brainwashed by perverts.
Surely most sane people will now say “enough is enough!!!”


From This Is Norway:

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