Marxist Education Boards have banned traditional boys games – But why?


In order to weaken our people, tales of heroism and chivalry are now banned in European schools. Traditional games like “Cowboys and Indians” and playing “Soldiers”, are also banned. The establishment claims that these stories and games enc…ourage violence, when in fact they simply allow boys to grow into men naturally, such tales and games have been listened to and played out children all over the world for thousands of years. It is and always has been completely natural. Young animals of all types play the in the very same way.
The state however want to feminise little boys, and have them grow up into weak, effeminate, easily ruled wretches, and NOT the proud members of  a warrior people as their un-conquerable ancestors always were. The Zionists have our people right were they want them, and that’s were they want us to stay.
Resist!!! At all costs resist!!!!
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