Indigenous Irish told to leave their homeland, while ethnic immigrants are welcomed with open arms

irish down on luck

Ireland is asking its citizens to leave the country if they can’t find a job!

The Irish government has sent letters to approximately 6,000 unemployed people suggesting they should take jobs in other European countries in an effort to reduce unemployment benefits, the Financial Times reported.

Some of the jobs were poorly paid but came with a “Mediterranean” climate.

An unemployed electrician was encouraged to move to Coventry, while another jobseeker was offered work as a bus driver in Malta.

Dublin defended the move insisting that the positions are voluntary and no one is being forced to leave the country.

Unemployment has eased in recent months, falling to its lowest level in four years in November at 12.5 per cent, but youth unemployment remains a problem.

Overall, one in four Irish under 25 is still unemployed. Despite this, they continually allow hordes of Black, Arab and Romany immigrants to flood the beautiful emerald Isle.

While the Indigenous white Irish are being asked to leave their ancestral homeland, the state are replacing them with black and ethnic immigrants who they welcome with open arms.

It is a sad thing indeed, to think that Ireland, a country that is steeped in rich and unique culture, a long history with their own folklore and mythology, a land that the Romans could not conquer, is being carefully and willfully destroyed by the evil Marxist forces that are the shadowy, totalitarian E.U.

We hope that the spirit of the ancient Celtic warriors return to the Irish people and they stand up for their people, and fight for their children’s rightful inherited homeland, and we also hope that others take note, the Ukraine for example.

The Destruction if Ireland Through Immigration:

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5 Responses to Indigenous Irish told to leave their homeland, while ethnic immigrants are welcomed with open arms

  1. Cj aka Elderofzyklons Blog says:

    All because of that filthy hook nosed rat faced Enemy Kike Jew Alan Shatter, Just like Kike Cameron in the UK or Kike Salmond in Scotland, When the F**k will Whites get it its no conspiracy the JEWS are the ones trying to kill off the White Race, Hitler was right!!!!

  2. Nelda says:


  3. Ulf says:

    So do the Irish. In their own country. Disgusting

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