Understanding Anti-Semitism: Why Do Some People Dislike Jews?

Sem·i·tism (sm-tzm)
1. A Semitic word or idiom.
2. Semitic traits, attributes, or customs.
3. A policy or predisposition in favor of Jews.
To be “Anti-Semetic” in modern times, has been made to be a heinous crime, with a stigma attached to it that the Jews have created that would seem to be worse than that of a paedophile.

If being “Semitic” means to have a policy or predisposition in favour of Jews (as the dictionary says), then this means that to not go out of ones way to serve Jews interests (as the Jews themselves believe that we Goyim should), then that makes one “Anti-Semitic”.
In this case, surely there is nothing wrong with being Anti-Semitic, and only an idiot would not be Anti-Semitic.
As I understand what Anti-Semitic means, I declare myself to be one and can see nothing at all wrong with that. Do you?

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