Nationalist Revolution In Ukraine – Nationalists currently winning the battle!!!

Pro E.U. protests in the Ukraine appear to have been taken control of by Nationalists, and is quickly escalating into a Nationalist revolution.



Tensions are high in Kiev, as rioting nationalists and Ukraine’s riot police continue their stand-off in the center of the town. Over two hundred people have been injured in scuffles, half of them law officers hurt by rocks and Molotov cocktails.

The stand-off in the Ukrainian capital is continuing into its third day in Hrushevsky Street, a small area in the vicinity of the national Parliament building, which is the focus of anti-government rioting.

“We have seen Molotov cocktails being thrown at the police, firecrackers, small bombs exploding from time to time. It is still definitely a hotbed of tension,” RT’s Aleksey Yaroshevsky reported from the scene.

There were about 200 to 400 rioters remaining overnight, with barely dozens of them continuing their attacks on the police cordon. Riot police held their line, sporadically firing rubber bullets and throwing stun grenades at the bravest and most relentless protesters.


The police took over and destroyed an improvised catapult, which the protesters built to throw rocks, but which proved to be rather inefficient. They also dismantled one of the barricades erected by the radicals. By Tuesday morning they had retreated back to their position.

By mid-Tuesday the opposition crowd had become more numerous, with about 1,000 people attending. But direct attacks on police stopped, with protesters simply shouting slogans and banging on barrels and metal remains of police buses, which had been torched by the rioters previously.

City authorities estimated that the mass protests in Kiev would cost the city at least $1.75 million over two months. The figure, however, does not include the damages from the two days of rioting. It may be significant, considering that the Nationalist activists virtually destroyed the street’s tile pavement, ripping it up to make projectiles to throw at police.

The number of protesters injured in recent clashes in Kiev reached 122 on Tuesday and 50 still remain in hospitals, city authorities reported. It comes after six more protesters from Hrushevsky Street sought medical help, including five, who have been hospitalized.

Meanwhile, the Interior Ministry gave its casualty report on Tuesday, saying that 163 officers have been injured in total since the rioting started. Of them 80 had to be admitted to hospital.

The policemen suffered head injuries, fractures, burns, stab and slash wounds, as well as poisoning by“unknown substances,” the report said.

Anyone with a grasp of mathematics can therefore see that the Nationalist revolutionaries are currently winning.



















Police have threatened that live ammunition may be used as photos have emerged of Nationalists armed with guns. As the battle escalates, Nationalists and football hooligans from around Europe have reportedly started to make plans to travel to the Ukraine and join in the fight for what could prove do be, white independence from the Zionists, and a truly independent homeland for free whites.

The Ukraine will be destroyed if it enters the E.U., we must all come out of that Communist tyranny, otherwise our countries are little more than Soviet satellites, Federal States.

We watch the developments with great excitement and wish our Ukrainian brothers well in their Western Spring.

We pose the following questions:


Will it spread to other European countries?

Is the white man starting to rise up against their Jewish controlled masters?

Are the white masses finally starting to un-plug from the Matrix?

Are we near to a time when we are refusing to be cattle?

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11 Responses to Nationalist Revolution In Ukraine – Nationalists currently winning the battle!!!

  1. KM says:

    Aren’t those nationalists supposed to be pro-EU? So if they ”win”, they will take Ukraine into EU, and destroy their nationalism that way.

  2. As the above article explains., the protests started out as Pro E.U., but Nationalists have taken control. They are Anti E.U. but pro White European Nationalists. They have contacted us with a statement and we will be putting it up shortly.

  3. Anon says:

    It will probably spread to Poland because they’re currently in a similar redpilled (matrix reference) mentality. Maybe Poland can even pull it off democratically.

  4. odin says:

    Join nationalist forum

  5. Sir says:

    We watched you cook up the plan for this page on 4chan. You are pitiful – really….

  6. Bozena says:

    In my country the revolution, many people demonstrate, because in the Parliament is very widespread corruption. The protesters are demanding immediate elections, the resignation of the President Viktor Yanukovych, and a repeal of the anti-protesting laws he just enacted. Effectively, Yanukovych has demonstrated that he is ruthless and is completely out of touch with reality.

    • Tuwlos says:

      America Europe can not kill a cop when you do the work and then in the government and not in jail as well be in your country now, you do not know about where you’re going now police America and Europe, they all shoot cameras and know everything you never again Maidan will see. unemployment and poverty have them everywhere and we want and we want Meidan in Europe but can not because the police and others work very well and protect the rich, governments and dictators in Europe very well welcome to the miserable and unfair europe full of unemployed young people and pensioners with small pensions and raborish if you do not know how long and the minimum wage from morning till night becomes harder and harder is no longer dependent we want Meidan in Europe

      • wolfblut88 says:

        You do not want to be a part of Europe as in the E.U.? The E.U. is a totalitarian Marxist state that uses the people as cattle and imports as many third world immigrants as possible in order to have more cattle. This makes the lives of the indigenous people poorer and this is why the majority of people in the countries controlled by the E.U. want to leave to get their countries back. If the Ukraine joined the E.U. it would no longer be the Ukraine.

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