Statement From The Nationalist Revolutionaries in The Ukraine:



European Independent Media Centre has been contacted by the Nationalist Revolutionaries that are at war with the State in their country. Here is their statement:

  • From the National Revolution in Ukraine – to Newest Reconquista in Europe! 

    Unfortunately the demoliberal politicum and much of the cultural environment for twenty years was convincing Ukrainians that they should integrate into the Euro-Atlantic structures. So that many of the Ukrainians actually believed that Ukraine should become a member of the EU. Therefore, the formal cause of the massive protests in Ukraine was the refusal of the regime of Viktor Yanukovych to sign an agreement with the EU. The Ukrainian nationalists are against association with the EU. Even though they supported the protests as an opportunity to begin the National Revolution. 

    Last year, in the end of November, by the initiative of the nationalist movement “Tryzub,” the nationalist youth joined in “The Right Sector.” Within two months nationalists urged demonstrators not to fight for the European integration but for the building of the Nation. The first step for building such a state is to overthrow the anti-national, oligarchic, demoliberalistic regime of Yanukovych. Two months passed. The Yanukovych’s Regime is not afraid of peaceful protests, which were carried out under the guidance of liberalistic opposition parties. In the end the Parlament, controlled by the Yanukovych’s Regime, has adopted totalitarian laws which limit even more the political rights in Ukraine. In particular, those laws are characterised as anti-national. The people were disappointed with the opposition and began to trust to the nationalists. We were able to take an advantage of the national support and starting from January 19 we have entered a phase of military confrontation with the authorities. For several days in the streets of Kyiv continues struggle between the nationalist- revolutionary forces and the police. The organizator of this struggle was “The Right Sector” joined by the nationalist-minded street-fans and individual activists who adhere to nationalist views. In fact, the nationalists managed to lead the revolutionary struggle. Presumably, our victory of greater legitimacy will imply the need to enter the revolutionary government of some representatives of the liberal opposition; however, the rise of nationalism in Ukraine will be widespread. We will fight to the last. If we lose, we are waiting for either underground, or mass repression. If we win, it will bring instant newset Reconquista. As a categorical opponent of the EU, but standing for the solidarity of the European nations, we urge nationalists from other European countries to support the struggle. Remember how nationalist and conservative forces united in Spain during the Civil War. Come join us, support our struggle. We realize that your victory is merely symbolic, do not expect a large number. However, this symbolism – a step towards future victories together within the whole of Europe!

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4 Responses to Statement From The Nationalist Revolutionaries in The Ukraine:

  1. MM says:

    All Europeans unite to the revolution of Nationalism! Corrupt politicians must fall.

  2. Craig Yates says:

    Good luck Ukraine. The globalist mafia want to own the entire world and all within it including us and our children. remain free to determine your futures and do not adopt liberal curses that corrupt and sexualise your children and breed degeneracy and misery.

  3. jaboncito says:

    ¡Reconquista de Europa!. The patriot/freedom fighters of Spain support and honor you, Ukranian Reconquistadores!. Your fight is our fight. Europe and our nations and people will prevail. Zionists and their puppets are sentenced. EUROPE AWAKENING. RECONQUISTA.

  4. Saxon says:

    This is great to see and is very uplifting! Huge respect and support from England, trust me to all Europeans, we aren’t alone in this fight anymore. Our numbers grow and grow, becoming more and more powerful. Just remember, as it hit me today: This is our land! I mean really, this is our land!! We have the power and have always had it, we just have to acknowledge it, break out of the illusion of ‘power’ that they think they have.

    One day this year, we Europeans will unite and I’ve got to say: I’m pretty excited by it, fighting with my long lost brother across the shore, will be something to behold… Also to see a lot of the guys around my age is even more inspiring!

    Hopefully a few of us can make it over there to lend support…

    All the best to Ukraine! Ave Europa!

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