Who runs our governments?

Many are confused as to why our governments make decisions that are clearly harmful to the people. They do not seem to have the peoples best interests at heart.

Why do the governments bail out the banks that are robbing the people?

Why do the lawmakers allow the courts to go easy on paedophiles?

Why are perversions actively promoted and many, such as homosexuals and “transgender” freaks given victim status and treated like a protected species?

Why do our Western governments allow unlimited immigration into our already overcrowded nations?

Firstly, it is important to remember that the U.S. and the E.U. are simply two branches of the same organisation. Two branches of a corporation that is ran by the same powers, who trade in cattle. Human cattle. We are commodities, we work many for their businesses, pay them taxes, and spend whats left of “our” money in their shops.

We borrow imaginary money that doesnt exist, from their banks to buy houses from their real estate developers.

The politicians that we vote for are their politicians, merely puppets and THEY pull the strings.


The banks pay the politicians, and ensure that they do what is in the interest of their businesses. The heads of state are selected and bought before they have any notion of standing for election. If they were not going to play ball, then the politician would never be placed in the position were he may be elected. Once selected, they promote the next president or prime minister with their media outlets, their T.V. stations, their newspapers and their radio stations.



This is why they all sing from the same hymn sheet. They are ALL politically correct, and they ALL lack any criticism of Israel or Jews and they ALL veer from the truth and cover up the same important issues, and putting positive spin on the same, obviously harmful policies.


All of this is to ensure the illusion of “democracy”. They control the candidates, control the information, and this is how they control the result of elections.


They then control government policy and ensure that all the gullible Goyim cattle that is the “Citizens”, are kept happy with chicken feed, which the cattle use to purchase junk food, designer clothes and all manner of materialistic goods that we dont need. Most of what we buy, we are buying from big businesses ran by them. We spend whats left on our food shopping at ridiculous prices from THEIR supermarkets, then drive home in our cars using the fuel that they have massively overcharged us for. When the cattle get home, they switch on the T.V. and watch the mind numbing, Marxist brainwashing soaps that THEY produce in order to pacify us and make us act the way they want us to. With their soaps, they set the moral standards of society, encouraging race mixing, adultery and homosexual perversions and other self destructive behavior.

An immoral, mongrelised society is much more easily ruled, and will not object to foreigners taking their inherited land, when it is not actually their own to inherit.


And you wonder why our governments do not stop immigration when we are already overcrowded, have mass unemployment and a lack of housing?

Is it not obvious?



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