Why are the E.U. and U.S. appearing to side with Ukraines Nationalists?

To many, it is unclear what exactly is going on in the Ukraine.

The main question that we should be asking is why the Marxist E.U. and the American government appear to be supporting the rioters. Why, you may ask, are these two Zionist, anti white puppet state establishments discouraging the Ukranian Leadership from coming down heavy on the revolutionaries? It doesnt seem to make sense.


Firstly lets be clear that the U.S. and the E.U. are one and the same. They are ran by the same corporation, two branches of the NWO, if you will.

There are US diplomats on the ground in Kiev, trying to liase with the rioters. The US is basically threatening the Ukrainian regime not to use force, and the EU are also appearing to back the protestors. Vitali Volodymyrovych Klitschko (the ex boxer) is the opposition leader, the media are trying to downplay the fact that the riots are run by nationalists, and try to suggest that “the opposition” has control of it. (They do not as we know, the nationalists have repeatedly told “the opposition” to go to hell). Klitschko is apparently a Jew, and will most likely place the Ukraine into EU hands if he gets in power, and we believe that if he DOES get in, then the UN/NATO will step in, or the US/EU will allow the new state to come down heavy on the rioters/revolutionary nationalists.

The current regime in the Ukraine are more interested in close ties with Russia, and the E.U. wants to swallow up the Ukraine and add its people to the E.U. roster of cattle/slaves.

The “opposition” in the Ukraine that we keep hearing about will cow tow to the E.U. and sign up to their deals. They will quite likely sell Ukraine to the powers behind the E.U. and the E.U. know it. 

Hence the reason that the E.U. and Barack Obama are telling the current regime in Ukraine not to use excessive force (when the hypocritical U.S. beat peaceful occupy protesters severely last year), is because they want the current president Viktor Yanukovych to agree to their terms and sign up to the E.U., if this happens, the E.U. control the Ukraine like every other E.U. state.

The West think that they can use the rioters to put pressure on the Ukrainian president, and when he gives in and makes the deal with the E.U., they will swoop in to his “rescue” and use U.N. or NATO forces to quell the Nationalist revolution.

There would appear to be a power struggle between the Western based N.W.O. and Russia (who of course are backed by China).


Putin has told the Ukraine to choose between Russia and the EU – and that if the EU continues its meddling in crisis hit Ukraine then Russia may decide to intervene in crisis hit European countries such as Greece and Cyprus to foment anti-european sentiment and unrest.

-An article from “The Guardian” said that Putin met EU leaders for the first time since November’s clash between the Kremlin and Europe over the future of Ukraine triggered the crisis in Kiev. Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, took part in the meetings with Putin in Brussels then travelled to Kiev to try to mediate between the opposing sides. “The more intermediaries there are, the more problems there are,” Putin said. “I am not sure Ukraine needs intermediaries.” He pointedly noted that European leaders would complain if Russia sent envoys to mediate in the Greek crisis of the past four years. “I can only imagine what the reaction would be if in the heat of the crisis in Greece or Cyprus, our foreign minister came to an anti-European rally and began urging people to do something. This would not be good,” Putin said. “I’m sure the Ukrainian people will sort this out and Russia is not going to interfere.”


America! E.U.! Israel! N.W.O.!!!!

Stop meddling and interfering in other countries business that doesnt concern you!


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