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This documentary follows three falconers from their homes in Wyoming up to the remote Montana flats to fly their birds of prey.

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KEN CLARKE IS A PAEDOPHILE, but you wont hear this on the mainstream media!

BRITISH GOVERNMENT, MEDIA AND POLICE COVER UP! Kenneth Harry Clarke, QC, MP is a British Conservative politician, currently the Member of Parliament for Rushcliffe and a Minister without Portfolio in the UK Government. He is a paedophile, like many British … Continue reading

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Nationalists Attack Antifa Marxist Agitators at Red Bar

These nationalists attack anti white Marxist student activists in Northern Slovakia

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Foreigners promoted to positions of power to lord it over whites in our own countries.

Can you believe this? A Pakistani immigrant placed in a position of authority over indigenous white people in Britain. This is not an isolated case as there are many ethnics from 3rd world banana sh!t holes, lording it over decent … Continue reading

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