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Media independence is threatened

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Berlusconi, Murdoch, Dassault. These businessmen own our medias. Let’s act for media independence and pluralism.

The media is increasingly in the hands of big financers, a situation that endangers their independence. The European Citizens’ Initiative “Media Pluralism” aims at guaranteeing their freedom.

“Media Pluralism” demands the eradication of media monopolies.

Berlusconi, Murdoch and Dassault are both business and political magnates. In Italy, England and France, these three men have built their empire through the media. Together, they own more than 300 channels in the press, radio and television.

Rupert Murdoch’s media empire illegally taped phone calls in 2011. Berlusconi owns and controls most of Italy’s private television channels and printed press. As President, he appointed his close friends to the director boards of public channels and filed lawsuits against the media of the opposition.

How can we make a clear opinion about the world situation when all we get is deformed information? The press and news channels are tools that allow democratic debate. A journalism attached to power is nothing more than political propaganda.

Through the European Citizen’s Initiative “Media Pluralism,” we demand the European Union to protect media independence by harmonizing the various standards in Europe. We ask for the creation of a transparent framework that will protect media pluralism.


  1. Restrict media ownership concentration.

  2. Establish a committee of media supervision that is independent from the political power and from any other influence.

  3. Define the ‘conflict of interests’ in the area of media ownership to prevent any abuse.

  4. Introduce norms of control to guarantee media independence.

Let’s restore media independence in Europe. With a million signatures, we will be able to submit our proposal to the European Parliament. Support this project by your signature!

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