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MUST WATCH: Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda

Why are we Europeans, increasingly encouraged to race mix? Clearly race mixing will only result in the eventual extinction of Europeans. So why are we being encouraged into racial suicide, and by whom? Advertisements

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The Shameless Hypocricy of Our European Leaders r.e. Charlie Heebdo and “Free Speech”

With the recent attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Heebdo magazine for mocking Islam and its peadophile prophet, it seems that every European leader has come out in ssympathyand solidarity with Charlie Heebdo magazine and strongly declared their … Continue reading

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Shakespeare, The Brothers Grimm, and how the Enemy of Europeans sneaked into the shadows of our minds

An interesting passage from one of my favourite William Shakespeare plays, The Merchant of Venice. This passage gives a good insight into how wise the English once were to the deceptive, manipulatively shrewd and malicious ways of the Jew: ‘I … Continue reading

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