The Shameless Hypocricy of Our European Leaders r.e. Charlie Heebdo and “Free Speech”

prophet mo

With the recent attacks in Paris on the offices of Charlie Heebdo magazine for mocking Islam and its peadophile prophet, it seems that every European leader has come out in ssympathyand solidarity with Charlie Heebdo magazine and strongly declared their support of the magazines right to free speech. Quite rightly they should have the right to critisise religions and in our opinion, races (although no one has declared support for “racism”).

charlie hebdo cover

Most notably of all attendees was Israeli leader Netanyahu, who recently ordered the murder of thousands of Palestinian children in their homes, hospitals and their schools.


All of these leaders are quite happy to stand with the Jewish genocidal mass murderer Netanyahu, who massacres Muslim children, whilst condemning the murders of a handful of  Jews by Muslims in Paris. Hypocrisy at the highest level.

It must be pointed out that while the mainstream press claimed that this was a photo of world leaders coming together and leading a mass “solidarity march” in Paris, it was in fact nothing more that a publicity stunt, a fake photo shoot. I say fake because while they were there in Paris, they didnt take part in a march, but possitioned people behind them and had the photo taken at the right angle as to give the illusion that they were leading the march. This photo better shows what they were up to, and as such exposed their cynical, cowardly fakery:

Whilst these frauds all declare the right to free speech when it comes to attacking Islam and Christianity, they would happily jail anyone who criticizes Jews or in any way attempt to expose something that would negatively impact on Jewish interests.

How is this for hypocrisy?

controversial French based comedian is facing up to seven years in prison after he was charged with inciting terrorism while 54 people have been arrested over hate-speech comments following last week’s Paris massacre.

Dieudonne M’bala M’bala, 48, who has convictions for anti-Semitism, has been arrested and is currently in custody at a police station in Paris.

Let us also consider the British Historian David Irving. Mr Irving, as an acclaimed historian, who was at one time the toast of the critics for his work, and his methods of mainly using only his own research, decided to do a book on Adolph Hitler. In doing so he found nothing to support the alleged “fact” that the “holocaust” actually happened. On the contrary, he found only proof that suggested it did not.

David Irving once gave an interview over the telephone to a French journalist from the comfort of his London flat/apartment. He was subsequently convicted of “holocaust denial” and fined 11,000 francs. In 2006, Mr Irving was arrested in Vienna for the same “crime” for a historical seminar he had previously given in Austria. He was sentenced to 3 years prison for “holocaust denial”, questioning a so called historical event.

Je Suis un holocaust deniar

How the hell can these hypocritical western leaders, and the attendees of the Hollywood oscars all come out in support of “free speech” when it involved attacking Islam and Christianity, but in the same breath condemn someone for critisising Jews, or even questioning their version of history?

There was also the recent case in Liverpool, (in England) regarging one Garron Helm. a young man who simply pointed out to a corrupt Jewish Labour M.P., Lucinda Berger (who is not from the city of Liverpool) that she was a “Typical, lying commie Jew” and posted a picture that he had altered to place a yellow Jewish star on her forehead. Garron was subsequently sentenced for 4 weeks in jail for expressing his “freedon of speech”. Unfortnately Garron had chosen to express this “freedom of speech” to expose a JEWISH M.P. and not a Muslim.

Here is the pic that Mr Helm made and tweeted to the corrupt M.P.:

lucinda berger jew

After Garron’s imprisonment, a contingent of his group, National Action, and some local supporters from his home town had decided to protest outside her office about this infringement upon his human rights. They were all arrested for “conspiracy of criminal damage”.

 All arrested have just been cleared of any wrong doing. The British estblishment intendend to frighten Garron but upon his release he has become more determined than ever to fight for his cause than ever. This young man has a spirit that the Jewish establishment cannot break. His pseudonym of Ethelwulf “Noble Wolf” is well deserverd.

Here is a couple of pics that we would like to add to Mr Helms artistic marvel:

In regard to the ludicrous claims the Germans made lampshades out of Jews:

lucinda lampshade

This picture states the obvious nature of Lucinder Berger. Is it typical of her race?

lucinda rat

Now Mr Cameron has recently stated that we in Europe should be free to offend anyone we want. So of course he must have changed his mind regarding Garron Helms case in which he fully supported the jail sentence. Therefore we feel that our pics will be seen by the “British” (Jewish) Prime Minister as freedom of speech. Of course for legal reasons we must state that we do not think that Lucinda Berger should be gassed, put in an oven then turned into a lampshade until British law changes to make it legal to do so.

Never Mind “Je Suis Charlie”

We say “JE SUIS Dieudonne M’bala M’bala”





Oh yes, if Charlie Heebdo can have his free speech, by God we will have OURS.

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