Indigenous Irish told to leave their homeland, while ethnic immigrants are welcomed with open arms

Ireland is asking its citizens to leave the country if they can’t find a job! The Irish government has sent letters to approximately 6,000 unemployed people suggesting they should take jobs in other European countries in an effort to reduce … Continue reading

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First bus load of Roma criminals head to the UK, leading the wave of scum hell bent of rinsing the British people

  THE first coachload of “Romanian” migrants left for the UK yesterday — with some boasting of plans to beg and steal from “generous” Brits. Passengers waved their 75 euro tickets and chanted “Anglia, Anglia” as they set off on … Continue reading

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The European youth awake: 12,000 participate in torch-lit procession

On November 18, the independence day of Latvia, patriotic youth organisations from Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania signed a common declaration in Riga, promising to keep fighting for the European nation-states despite of increasing globalist smear against nationalism. The representatives of … Continue reading

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4 year old abducted blond girl found in Roma camp in Greece

For centuries, parents have been warning their children to beware of Roma Gypsies, for they kidnap children in order to bring new blood into their communities. For years now, the far left, mainstream media, and education bodies have dismissed these … Continue reading

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